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[2015-08-01] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

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What is your prediction for this match?

Poll ended at Sat Aug 01, 2015 7:30 pm

VfL Wolfsburg will win inside 90 minutes
VfL Wolfsburg will win on penalties
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Bayern Munich will win on penalties
Bayern Munich will win inside 90 minutes
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Re: [2015-08-01] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Postby Reinhart » Sun Aug 02, 2015 8:17 pm

Pep needs to do something about the counter-attacks and back-line because they're constantly being exposed by the top teams. The lower rank teams don't have the players to do it and perhaps that's why the results in the league paint such a different picture. Also, like many have already stated and I can't stress enough--PRACTICE set pieces and penalties because just like Vidal already has proven, if you don't practice enough you'll get eventually get rusty.
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Re: [2015-08-01] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Postby rthebest » Sun Aug 02, 2015 9:55 pm

FCB&Paulaner wrote:Now the question is what is the objective. If the objective is to win Buli and reach CL semis, we have a terrific team. If the target is a CL final, now that is a different story. One or two games can make your defense look like schoolboys if you don't get it right. The fact that two years down the road we are still trying an not yet found a sustainable system tells the story. And someone here mentioned the DvB case who looked very different under two systems. Same here, we have very good defenders, but it depends how you deploy them, and whether their roles match their strengths or expose their weaknesses, so it's very relative. I don't won't to read much into this game, but I am a bit worried seeing the same mistakes over and over again. I would have no problem to lose by two own goals, it happens, but not the same space and runs in our box and that by Wolfsburg, I don't want to think what can happen vs Madrid, Barca and so on.

And the talk of whether Pep extends or not and that Bayern is hoping for it is getting to my nerves, since when we beg coaches? Time to put some pressure on the guy and not the other way round. this is the third year, no excuses this time. No delivery, no extension, this has to be the talk.

I agree with you in some degree. first of all I don't think Bayern is begging him to stay KHR said I am relaxed about this matter and life goes on if he doesn't stay. I like him to stay because he is on of the best out there. I think the team did a good job against Wolfs counter attacks. One the problems I saw after watching the game for the second time was Boateng being out of position, moving forward. For example Bastdos one- on-one happened because Boateng move forward to the midfield line when Rafinha, Benatia and Alaba were behind in one line. This left a gap between Benatia and rafinha for Basdost to explore. He even at one point rushed to the right wing and occupied the space that Robben trying to move into and he eventually lost the ball.
The goal happened because Alaba was alone on the left side, Costa didn't get back to fill the space. This pattern happened few time during the game.

Yes I agree our defenders are good but they have proven very mistake prone, weak on defending corners and these issues does way back. At this level you shouldn't expect the coach teach his defender how to clear the corner or how to set a offside trap. Going back to the game honestly I don't remember a single corner cleared by either Boateng or Benatia. I remember Alonso wining the first header in couple of occasions.

Problem with high pressing counter attacking team is not a new problem to Bayern either. Jupp's team had problem with Dortmund and BMG. in the champions league final all we did for majority of the game was playing long balls and if it wasn't because of Neuer we were down by 3 goals after 20 minutes.

Finally Bundesliga has changed since 2012-2013 season, teams are tactically better now, I think coaches analyze their opponent before the matches and prepare better. see what happened to Dortmund last season, teams learned how to play against them.
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Re: [2015-08-01] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Postby RedQueen » Mon Aug 03, 2015 7:22 am

rthebest wrote:In a league every game worth 3 points so consistency is a key. Do you think Wolfs and BMG can handle the pressure of CL and Bundesliga?

That remains to be seen, but that wasn't the point why I posted the table. The table shows that we've been having difficulties even against the BuLi top teams, hence we can expect more difficulties in Europe. It's even worse if you look at the second season half only. Points out of the five games among the top6 teams:
Augsburg 11
Gladbach 9
Wolfsburg 7
Leverkusen 7
Schalke 6
Bayern 1

I know we had injuries and we won the league early and stuff, but it's not like we played a 2nd division squad in the 2nd half all of a sudden. We should be able to get more than one point out of these games. The problem isn't that we lose a game here and there, it's the pattern that we've not been doing well against the top table teams - and that wasn't the case in the 2013/14 season. As you said yourself, teams have become tactically better. How playing in Europe affects them and whether the 2nd half was a complete outlier remains to be seen. My worry is that maybe it wasn't a mere outlier and that maybe even more sides will cause us problems. Dortmund surely is such a candidate. Perhaps I'm too pessimistic but I don't consider winning the BuLi guaranteed, given how we've been playing and how the competition has been playing, and even less the German cup. Even in the QF against Leverkusen we had to go to penalties (and we haven't won another shootout since then).

We call ourself Bayern fans but we don't act like true fans ( I don't mean you this is to everyone on this site). we complain after a defeat and cry for a coach change to swear to players. If you are Bayern act like it

And what do you mean by that? You are somewhat contradicting yourself with that part of your post because you've been "complaining" as well.
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Re: [2015-08-01] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Postby ramsej84 » Mon Aug 03, 2015 9:58 am

As for the table posted by RedQueen which is very worrying indeed, I remember having this discussion with Man U fans years ago.
They had the same pattern - winning against all the other teams and dropping points vs the top teams. However they were always ended up winning the league (sometimes by a big margin).
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