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Uli Hoeneß: ‘The future starts here for Bayern Munich FC’

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Uli Hoeneß: ‘The future starts here for Bayern Munich FC’

Postby FCBayernNews » Mon Jan 14, 2008 9:45 pm


In just four days, Bayern have announced two crucial acquisitions for the coming season, new coach Jürgen Klinsmann and midfield dynamo Tim Borowski. Speaking from the club’s training camp in Marbella, general manager Uli Hoeneß granted an exclusive interview to <b></b>, discussing the latest transfer capture, Bayern’s prospects for the rest of the campaign, new arrival Breno, and the packed schedule through to the end of the season.

<b>Interview: Uli Hoeneß</b>

<b>fcbayern:</b> Uli Hoeneß, Werder Bremen confirmed on Sunday that Germany international Tim Borowski is coming to Bayern. Is it true?
<b><i>Uli Hoeneß:</i></b> “Yes, that’s correct. We’ve agreed with Tim Borowski’s management that he’ll come to us for three years starting on 1 July. It’s a verbal agreement at the moment, but the necessary contracts will be signed in the next few weeks.“

<b>fcbayern:</b> Some people have drawn the conclusion that Borowski’s decision may have been prompted by Jürgen Klinsmann. Is there any connection at all?
<b><i>Hoeneß:</i></b> “It’s a coincidence. As you can imagine, you don’t start organising this kind of transfer on a Friday and finalise it by Sunday, we’d been talking for a few days beforehand. But Jürgen has been informed of developments and thinks it’s a very good move.“

<b>fcbayern:</b> Did you ever imagine the appointment of Jürgen Klinsmann as Bayern’s next coach would unleash such a media storm?
<b><i>Hoeneß:</i></b> “Obviously there was an element of surprise, because names had been doing the rounds for weeks, but Klinsmann was a long way off the top of the list. So we’re fairly proud of the fact we managed to keep it quiet within the club for once, take the decision in our own time and prepare ourselves for the announcement. Obviously that meant there was a certain surprise factor.“

<b>fcbayern:</b> Back to the present, and here we are in Marbella. What do you hope the training camp will achieve?
<b><i>Hoeneß:</i></b> “You’re absolutely right, we should forget what’s going to happen on 1 July and concentrate totally on the current season. The future starts here for Bayern Munich FC, because we’ve got to start preparing for everything that’s going to happen next season. I believe the current team under Ottmar Hitzfeld is absolutely capable of doing extremely well this season. We’d all be well advised to focus on this training camp, the first one without a friendly match on the programme. We’ve met the coach’s request for a week solely devoted to working with the team, before turning to next week’s friendlies against Düsseldorf and 1860 Munich and ensuring the team is perfectly prepared for the challenges lying ahead.“

<b>fcbayern:</b> You speak of a challenge: if everything goes according to plan, the team will play twice a week almost all the time from the end of January onwards. Is that feasible?
<b><i>Hoeneß:</i></b> “I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing, and the players are all in favour. The disenchantment we saw back in the autumn largely came about because too many players were unhappy at not playing regularly. I think it helps us to have plenty of games, because it gives the coach the opportunity to field more players. That’s actually the only danger I’m aware of. If all our players are fit, you’ll inevitably have internationals on the bench or up in the stands. So I welcome it, because the coach will be obliged to rotate the squad, and that’ll make everything more settled, which is no bad thing.“

<b>fcbayern:</b> A new player arrived last week. What do you think of young Brazilian Breno so far?
<b><i>Hoeneß:</i></b> “He’s amazingly cool and confident for an 18-year-old. The way he tackles, you’d think he’d always been with us. We’ll have to wait and see, but I think our scouts under Wolfgang Dremmler have done a very good job. I believe we’ll get a lot back from him.“

<b>fcbayern:</b> One last question: any more surprise announcements lined up over the next few weeks?
<b><i>Hoeneß:</i></b> “No, I’ll be easing back a little now, as the last few weeks have been fairly busy, given it was the holiday period. We need to let everything sink in now, and exercise a little more control over the breakneck speed we’ve been running at in recent months. You can’t run at this pace for a whole season, you’d be overwhelmed.“
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