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Rummenigge: The last couple of percent can be decisive

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Rummenigge: The last couple of percent can be decisive

Postby FCBayernNews » Mon Jul 14, 2008 8:45 pm


Jürgen Klinsmann and his Bayern side defeated Lippstadt 7-1 on Sunday in a successful start to their pre-season warm-up schedule. “I think we at Bayern Munich gave a good account of ourselves,” Karl-Heinz Rummenigge exclusively told <b></b> the following day. The Bayern chairman would dearly have liked to attend the match in his town of birth, but was unavoidably absent at his daughter’s wedding. The former world-class striker spoke to <b></b> about the club’s transfer activity, Franck Ribéry’s recuperation from injury, and the cost of constructing the new performance centre.

<b>Karl-Heinz Rummenigge on…</b>

<b>… the first pre-season friendly in Lippstadt:</b> “The town was in a frenzy leading up to the match. I’ve heard people were thrilled at the way our team conducted themselves. I think we at Bayern Munich gave a very, very good account of ourselves. Jürgen Klinsmann is doing a fine job. There’s very little to criticise.”

<b>… the new performance centre:</b> “I think it’s all extremely sensible. We all know that in today’s professional football the last couple of percent can be very, very important. Going a long way in the Champions League means extracting the absolute maximum from the team. This modern performance centre makes that possible. It’s laid out on highly scientific principles, but it’s also an oasis of well-being for the players, who were otherwise permanently in the public eye in their leisure time. Here, they can relax and dedicate themselves to football. It’s not just new for the Bundesliga, it’s probably new for the entire footballing world. I travel a lot, but I’ve yet to see anything like it anywhere else. I think we can be very proud of it.”

<b>… media reports that the performance centre cost €18.5 million to construct, affecting Bayern’s transfer activity:</b> “It most certainly didn’t cost this reported sum of €18.5 million. It was about 20 percent of the number that’s being bandied around – it’s good I can make that clear here and now. We could certainly have signed a minor player for that sum, but we’ve assembled a very good squad, which was very successful last year. We didn’t see the necessity of making dramatic changes. The team came together as a unit last season and is sprinkled with superstars and excellent players. We simply want to give this team a chance to keep growing together, and extract even more from their team spirit. Just thinking back to the 2001 team, we only brought in three players per summer at the most. Last year it was eight, and now it’s two, Hans-Jörg Butt and Tim Borowski. We think it’s enough. And we have a 24-strong squad, we don’t need any more than that. We’d only have turned our attention to transfers if a player had asked to leave, but that’s not been the case.”

<b>… the latest news of Franck Ribéry:</b> “The way it is at the moment, he’ll be back soon for a check-up. If everything goes according to plan, the plate will be removed from his ankle in the not too distant future. The forecast of eight weeks should be about right before he resumes the training programme.”

<b>… Bayern’s policy on the Olympics:</b> “The status today is that Jose Sosa and Breno will be released for the tournament. We think it’ll be a good experience for these young men. However, we said right at the start that the players who are over 23, i.e. Demichelis and Lucio, wouldn’t be released, because we have German Cup and Bundesliga fixtures during this time.”
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