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Rummenigge: ‘It should be a spectacular evening’

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Rummenigge: ‘It should be a spectacular evening’

Postby FCBayernNews » Fri Aug 17, 2007 1:54 am


In the <a href="/en/news/news/2007/12920.php?fcb_sid=68034392d21fa866b8437a6f0fc6ab87" target="_top" class="content_link">first part</a> of a major <b></b> interview, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge examined Bayern’s successful start to the season. In part two, the chairman looks ahead to Mehmet Scholl’s testimonial on Wednesday evening, and the idea behind the inaugural contest for the Franz Beckenbauer Cup.

<b>Interview: Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, part 2</b>

<b><b></b></b> Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Mehmet Scholl will appear in a Bayern shirt for the last time on Wednesday evening. What are your parting wishes to him as he embarks on a new chapter in his life?
<b><i>Karl-Heinz Rummenigge:</i></b> “Bayern Munich Football Club seeks to build partnerships with its players, and Mehmet fulfilled his side of the partnership with great commitment and fairness. He was a very important player for this club, and he was always very fair off the field of play, especially when it came to contract negotiations. He never tried to squeeze the last drop out of us, which can’t be said of every player. We often only needed a five-minute chat before he was happy to sign. Mehmet is an important personality at the club, who was extremely well-loved by the fans. We’d very much like him to remain associated with Bayern in the future.“

<b><b></b></b> Is there already a job lined up for Mehmet?
<b><i>Rummenigge:</i></b> “He wants to take a couple of months’ off right now. He wants to get away from football and make a clean break, which is completely normal. After that, we’ll sit down and define his future role more closely.“

<b><b></b></b> There could hardly be a more worthy send-off for Mehmet than Wednesday’s meeting with Barcelona, but will Barca field a full-strength side in Munich?
<b><i>Rummenigge:</i></b> “They’re contractually obliged to appear with their best-available team. Obviously, I have no idea of their line-up yet, but just looking at the names involved, it’ll definitely be a very attractive event at the Allianz Arena on Wednesday. I’m hoping we’ll see the stars, the likes of Ronaldinho, Henry, Messi, Eto’o, Deco and so on. By the way, Barca - not Real, not Chelsea, and not Manchester - remain favourites for the Champions League, in my opinion. For now, Barcelona’s individual class makes them the team to beat in the Champions League.“

<b><b></b></b> The Barcelona match is the inaugural contest for the Franz Beckenbauer Cup. How did the idea originate?
<b><i>Rummenigge:</i></b> “We travelled to Barcelona for the Juan Gamper Cup last season, and it was a fantastic event. It was a spontaneous thing after the match, we felt we could do with a similar official season opener in Munich. The plan was to stage the match a week earlier than this, but that didn’t work out because Barcelona were already booked for a tour of Asia and we had a DFB Cup tie. But in the future, the basic plan is for the Franz Beckenbauer Cup to be our official opening match, where we introduce the team and the new signings to the supporters. It should be a spectacular evening which offers plenty of entertainment to the crowd. And I think Franz will be pleased too. Not many living personalities have an event like this dedicated to them.“

<b><b></b></b> Is there any value to the match in sporting terms?
<b><i>Rummenigge:</i></b> “We’re all really looking forward to it. It’ll be a good test of where we stand with our new team. We lost 4-0 in Barcelona last year, and they gave us the runaround to a certain extent. Obviously, every single one of our players will be keen to measure himself and show what he can do against a class team like Barcelona, especially as we’re not in the Champions League. The game’s being shown all over the world. I reckon it’s the most significant European match of the summer.“

<i>Tomorrow in Part 3: Read the Bayern chairman’s views on the future of the German League Cup</i>
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