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Klinsmann exclusive: I genuinely believe I’m up to the chall

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Klinsmann exclusive: I genuinely believe I’m up to the chall

Postby FCBayernNews » Fri Jan 11, 2008 9:55 pm


A huge throng of some 240 reporters and 33 camera crews flocked to Munich on Friday to witness Jürgen Klinsmann’s unveiling as future Bayern coach. Following his first news conference, the 43-year-old joined Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Uli Hoeneß, Karl Hopfner and Franz Beckenbauer for a cup of coffee and a chat in a private room at the Arabella Sheraton Hotel, where he took time out for an exclusive interview with <b></b>. Read our edited summary here at <b></b>.

<b>Interview: Jürgen Klinsmann</b>

<b></b> Jürgen Klinsmann, you become Bayern head coach on 1 July this year. How did your return to Munich come about, and how will you prepare for the task?
<b><i>Klinsmann:</i></b> “It’s a very emotional moment for me, and I’m thoroughly looking forward to the job. The chance to take over at Bayern is very special. I was contacted by Karl-Heinz Rummenigge just before Christmas, and we began talking in more detail after that. It all went smoothly and quickly. Now can hardly wait for the first of July. I’ll prepare as well as possible and pull together a coaching team of the highest calibre.“

<b></b> Was it an easy decision to take the job of coach at Bayern?
<b><i>Klinsmann:</i></b> “The biggest change in my life will be personal, so the decision came down to my family in the end. After Karl-Heinz Rummenigge called me, I asked my wife Debbie if she could imagine us returning to Munich – and she immediately said yes, so I was over the biggest hurdle. Now I’m relishing the opportunity to work with exceptional world-class players, at a club which fulfils all the requirements for success.“

<b></b> So you and your family will move back to Germany?
<b><i>Klinsmann:</i></b> “Yes, of course. We knew we’d have to move once I took on a club. We know our way around Munich and its surroundings, so we know what to expect. That made things a lot easier. We’ll say farewell to California in the summer.“

<b></b> We know you as a successful player and national coach, but now you’ve taken on a totally new challenge at club level. What persuaded you to accept the challenge?
<b><i>Klinsmann:</i></b> “Bayern is the nonplus ultra in German club football. All over the world, whenever people talk about German football, they talk about Bayern. It’s a big responsibility and a big challenge, but it’s also very appealing. I genuinely believe I’m up to this new task. Coaching Germany was a very intense experience where I learned a huge amount. I know what I’m aiming to pull together, and I know how to deal with the players. My philosophy focuses on the players as individuals. I’m very confident about taking on the job.“

<b></b> Will we see a new Jurgen Klinsmann coaching style at club level?
<b><i>Klinsmann:</i></b> “You can’t compare working as a national coach to working at a club. It’s even more interesting with a club in that you have much more time to work with the players, you have more influence over their personal development. You should try and grow at every stage of your life, so I’ll certainly do some things differently as Bayern coach than I did as Germany coach. Eighteen months have passed since the World Cup, so there will definitely be changes compared to eighteen months ago..“

<b></b> What are you hoping to achieve as Bayern coach?
<b><i>Klinsmann:</i></b> “Bayern always set their sights very, very high. Everyone expects Bayern to win as many trophies as possible. I really hope it goes well for Ottmar for the rest of the season, and the more trophies I have to defend, the better.“
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