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Kahn offers apology to doping test doc

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Kahn offers apology to doping test doc

Postby FCBayernNews » Tue Mar 20, 2007 6:50 pm


Bayern captain Oliver Kahn has issued a first statement regarding an incident at a post-match doping test earlier this month. In a written submission to European governing body UEFA, the 37-year-old has given his version of events at the mandatory doping control following Bayern's Champions League victory over Real Madrid on 7 March. Kahn used an interview with the dpa news agency to apologise to the doctor concerned. "The way I let my frustration get the better of me wasn't right. I'm very sorry," the veteran keeper declared.

<b>Interview: Oliver Kahn</b>

<b>Question:</b> Oliver Kahn, you're the subject of a UEFA investigation after "breaching basic rules of good conduct." Why haven't you issued a statement on the subject yet?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "The UEFA allegation was first made public on Friday evening, but neither Bayern nor I received any official information from Nyon until after the weekend. That's why we couldn't react, and I'm not going to respond to media reports in this kind of situation."

<b>Question:</b> What happened at the doping test following the match against Real Madrid?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "It was a stupid situation. It was the fourth time in a row we'd had a doping control after a match - and would you believe it, I was picked out of 18 possible candidates for the fourth time. I was disgruntled, especially because my family was waiting and I'd promised to hurry up after the final whistle this time. We wanted to go out together for something to eat."

<b>Question:</b> What's the problem with doping controls?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "Basically none, but after games like that I just can't go. I drink water and health drinks until I can't take any more, and still nothing happens. I always need two or three hours to get it out of the way."

<b>Question:</b> Was that the case this time?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "Yes - in fact it was worse. The team was celebrating a win over Real Madrid, they were all thrilled and ecstatic. And there I was in the medical room, watching the clock, knowing my family was waiting, drinking everything I could lay my hands on - and then finally, after two hours, at close to one in the morning, I managed it. I took my container to the doctor, but he said he hadn't been watching me. I had to do it all again."

<b>Question:</b> And that's when you "breached basic rules of good conduct"?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "I was knackered, angry and upset. But the way I let my frustration get the better of me wasn't right. I'm still extremely sorry for that."

<b>Question:</b> What did you do?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "I'll be communicating that to UEFA in my written statement today. I don't wish to comment any further."

<b>Question:</b> How did the doctor react?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "He was understandably shocked. It's hard for someone who's not been involved to appreciate the incredible pressure in a knock-out game against Real Madrid, and then you get picked for the doping test. But there's no question about it, the incident shouldn't have happened. As I've said, I'm extremely sorry. I'd also expressly like to apologise to the doctor. It wasn't OK, and it won't happen again, that's a promise."

<b>Question:</b> Bayern face AC Milan in the quarter-finals. What are the chances of you playing, and what are Bayern's chances?

<b><i>Oliver Kahn:</i></b> "I've appeared more than 100 times in the Champions League, and I've never been in trouble yet. So I'm assuming I'll play. We have a score to settle with Milan. Last year's exit still hurts. But I think we have a better chance this time. We're in good shape, and the return is in Munich, just like the Real match."
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