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[2015-09-04] Germany vs Poland

Discussions on international matches played by Germany's senior national team and youth teams.

What is your prediction for this match?

Poll ended at Fri Sep 04, 2015 7:45 pm

Germany will win
It will end in a draw
Poland will win
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Re: [2015-09-04] Germany vs Poland

Postby Borusse » Sat Sep 05, 2015 10:51 am

My NT played their best attacking game of these qualifications. We were always average/poor in defence but our attacking moves were really good, we actually created chances that weren't random and that was very nice to see.

When Hummels almost scored I went "damn it" and a second later I realised I shouldn't cheer for him in this match. :D
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Re: [2015-09-04] Germany vs Poland

Postby Jorge » Mon Sep 07, 2015 1:39 am

Both Bayern expatriates Kroos and Schweinsteiger were outstanding controlling the base of the midfield for all 90 minutes. The Poles tactical approach was to stay on their half trying to steal the ball from Bayern’s pivots but they both were accurate and mobile which cut most of the supply to Lewandonski and Milik preventing counterattacks. Having Bastian and Toni deep without runs high on the midfield also allowed the fullbacks to go all the way overlapping the wings to stretch the polish defensive line which created the spaces for Muller, Ozil and Gotze as well as the fullbacks themselves. Too bad that Can is still not the RB that the team needs but his confidence grew as the game went on and it might work at the end but it is work in progress.
Ozil’s 1-2 touch football side to side on the edge of the box was deadly but he once again was lazy and gave away Poland’s best chance not covering a long clearance from Neuer that was intercepted by his mark who sent the ball forward straight to Lewa. Gundo as a sub drove the Poles crazy, once Reus is back in the line-up he should take Ozil’s spot.
In general a very good tactical game by Löw which provided the ideal scenario for Muller and Gotze to display their quality. Still concerns in defense: The Right Back position and the lack of a destroyer in midfield which Germany hasn’t had for a quite a while now but Bastian and Kroos ball retention compensates this weakness and most likely will go like that until EURO 2016.

In general the attacking flare reminded me Germany’s best form in recent times which was the Fall of 2011, the offensive combinations were very similar to the friendlies when Germany teased Brazil and The Netherlands although coincidentally months later it crashed out of the EURO’s before the final with a pale performance against Italy, so I hope it does not repeat this time.
Best tactical decision of the game was to bring Podolski in when the team needed him the most: in the 91st minute with the score 3:1. :oops:

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