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[2017-10-08] Germany vs Azerbaijan

Discussions on international matches played by Germany's senior national team and youth teams.

What is your prediction for this match?

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Re: [2017-10-08] Germany vs Azerbaijan

Postby Manchu » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:55 am

YlonenXabi wrote:Why is speed important?

If speed wasn't important Ribery would still be one of the best players in the world

YlonenXabi wrote:Yes, I'm not saying speed is the most important thing. But it IS a very important attribute especially if we are talking about wingers

As for Ribery, playing aging is not well understood, but it's a combination of many factors.

He was never actually one the world's fastest wingers anyway(compared to players like Robben, Walcott, or Bale), but he could dribble very quickly with the ball, and relied a lot on his dribbling skills to break down defenses. Now he simply can't dribble the same way anymore and, equally importantly, his endurance is shot. Thus, part of his decline is due to getting slower, but most of it is due to other problems.

I also regard speed as fairly importantly attribute, although I think that acceleration is far more important 99% of time, but no one ever talks about that as separate from speed. What I dislike is people raising speed on a pedestal above all other considerations, especially given that this tends only to be brought up in order to disqualify Brandt from consideration. The ironic thing, as aterford, pointed out, is that, although Brandt isn't a Sane, he's no Per Mertesacker either. In fact, he seems to be pretty fast when he actually gets into full out sprint. However, he doesn't have to do that very often because he positions himself well that he almost always receives the ball at his feet, so people assume he's slow, just like no one thinks the Ozil is fast even though he pulled a Gareth Balethe first time I saw him.

Anyways, there are three separate things about the entire "every winger must be fastest player ever" trend that annoy me. One is that people seem willingly to sacrifice just about every quality that makes a good, creative footballer in order to gain 1 kph more in speed. Another is that people generally don't have a good idea why fast players were favored as wingers in the first place( a lot of which comes down to 4-4-2) and don't understand that speed is arguably more important in other positions, particularly the fullbacks and center forward. Finally, people don't understand that anticipation functions, effectively, as a form of speed.
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