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[2013-03-13] Bayern Munich vs Arsenal F.C.

Discussions on the UEFA Champions League matches.

What is your prediction for this match?

Poll ended at Wed Mar 13, 2013 9:45 pm

Bayern Munich will win
It will end in a draw
Arsenal F.C. will win
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Re: [2013-03-13] Bayern Munich vs Arsenal F.C.

Postby lau03143 » Sat Mar 16, 2013 10:50 am

Firefox1234 wrote:I just find it annoying that Bayern tend to become complacent and in the Champions League of all places.

I don't want to sound xenophobic or anything, but it is quite a German trait. There is a confidence and "superiority complex" that Bayern seen to demonstrate.

I love it though. I wish Scottish people had that rather than their inherent "inferiority complex", it'd such a better country!
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Re: [2013-03-13] Bayern Munich vs Arsenal F.C.

Postby tflags » Sat Mar 16, 2013 2:58 pm

MrLinky wrote:The only game I remember us playing worse than tonight this season was the one in Borisov. The central midfielders in it? Gustavo along with Martinez.

Mmm, this is pretty interesting. I had forgotten Basti has largely been missing in the two CL games Bayern lost.
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Re: [2013-03-13] Bayern Munich vs Arsenal F.C.

Postby Yoda » Wed Mar 20, 2013 5:20 pm

MaCk0y wrote:I wonder why Yoda hasn't posted yet. I guess he is writing a uber post of how we underestimated Arsenal.

I was actually busy someplace else. Not to mention I dont like to brag about my team no matter whatever victory they acheive. Time has taught me to be humble. I guess you can count all sensible Arsenal fans are like that.

Anyways, about the game, and sorry to bring this thread up so late, but I had to post anyways, I think this was the game I most enjoyed watching this season. Because the expectations are so low, you just live the moment. Arsenal played their hearts out and I was thoroughly enjoying the fact that we were doing this at Allianz Arena.

I think I said some posts ago that if Arsenal played their A game and Bayern didnt play their A game, Arsenal would beat Bayern. Most of you people didnt agree with me I guess. Well, what happened was actually what I was talking about. You cant say that Bayern were short on personnel as Schweini was out because so was Wilshere for us. Both are the lynchpins of their respective squads and so I thought the weakening was quite even and thus, the result was all the more glorious.

I would not waste this post dissecting everything right that Arsenal did and everything wrong that Bayern did, because frankly, both teams had their moments of glory and failure, and it was the grit which brought out Arsenal on top. I also remember saying that this tie would go to Bayern but would be a lot more close that being made out and behold! It came as close as it could get. Thats two in my bag.

The thing about this is this doesnt change a thing. I think Geoff Reeves in the after match interview tried to ask Jenkinson about another year without a trophy and Jenkinson just brushed him off. It was epic of Jenkinson but also shows that the media enjoys creating the negativity around Arsenal because it sells papers. And thus I dont fault anyone of you who were saying that Arsenal were the easiest draw you could have got and such things. I guess now that the media is potraying that you guys are gonna be beaten, we are even, somewhat :P

I think you guys deserve a clap for being fabulous hosts here and I really enjoyed engaging in some truly constructive discussions with you people. Bayern are an awesome team and a model for self sustainability for every club and I wish somewhere in the near future arsenal acheives what you have got now. But Arrsenal are a great club and for one great club beating another makes for great memories for their fans. I think I am going toremember this game for a long time, another in the long line of glorious defeats Arsenal have suffered. But whatever it was, it was great!
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Re: [2013-03-13] Bayern Munich vs Arsenal F.C.

Postby Haruko Arsenal » Sun Mar 24, 2013 10:19 pm

Hi all,

Good game. You guys were favourites going into the match, and overall you did the job.

nice picture of both our most influential players ... WX-0Kx.jpg

=D> Bravo Bayern, I'll be routing for you guys from here on in.
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