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[2011-08-13] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Discussions on the German Bundesliga matches.


Poll ended at Sun Aug 14, 2011 7:52 am

Bayern wins
Bayern not only wins but takes revenge for that 5-1
A draw
Wolfsburg wins
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Wolfsburg not only wins but repeats a similar performance like 2.5 years ago
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Total votes : 20

Re: [2011-08-13] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Postby quaazi » Sun Aug 14, 2011 4:05 pm

Whoops, forgot the tags were different here, and I can't seem to edit my posts.
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Re: [2011-08-13] VfL Wolfsburg vs Bayern Munich

Postby München Minded » Sun Aug 14, 2011 9:58 pm

Could be on the forum during the game, but watched it away from my place -- and I thought Bayern could have been better but that we fought. Give Wolfsburg some credit for being tenacious bastards like they always are and players like Josue can be. They and Magath give everything against Bayern. I thought Gustavo was great, he helped keep our defense strong and solidified our midfield. I was disappointed in Kroos, like everyone else -- if he wants to continue being given chances then he really can't afford off days in an important game like that. I was even impressed with Ribéry. Gomez unfortunately was shit down from receiving anything, Magath knows that with only one striker in our system then just prevent him from getting anything -- basically making him a useless player. Which is why Bayern really need two strikers -- especially when BOTH Ribéry and Robben aren't playing together -- as if we had both and Müller behind Gomez then they would have had a harder time closing down our attack -- so keep that in mind before we think Bayern wasn't playing as well. Luckily our defense held up which is the most important thing -- especially on away games its better if we at least get a draw and not scored against, and hopefully win all of our home games (which we screwed the first game) -- then we have a better chance at the title. Remembering last season I can't say how many times it seemed fans were saying they wished Bayern just cranked out a win instead of being fancy with their passing and too much possession, including me -- So, here we are, a cranked out win which is totally ok. We are improving week to week. I forget about last week, because it was so aweful, but I am much happier this time.
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