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[2015-08-22] Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich

Discussions on the German Bundesliga matches.

What is your prediction for this match?

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TSG 1899 Hoffenheim will win
It will end in a draw
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Bayern Munich will win
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Re: [2015-08-22] Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich

Postby PunkCapitalist » Sun Aug 23, 2015 2:46 pm

PunkCapitalist wrote:
I'm sure Pep benched Lewy just because he's trying to develop a false 9 plan B to be used in case Lewy gets injured. Besides, Götze needs playing time and its hard to fit so many attacking players at the same time.

But thats why bayern prepare a busy preaseason, to experiment in order to conclude the plan A, B and C for the coming season.

For me, playing away in Hoffenheim was not the moment to make experiment. I am not criticizing Gotze, for me he is the first option to substitute Müller or Lewa, but in the toughest official games, Guardiola has to respect the position of his best players. This was a game to play with the best 11 available.

I think bayern could score more goals with Lewa on the pitch in the beginning, so we could prevent that toughest situation of yesterday, of being losing two points in the final part of the game.

Well... It's Hoffenheim, not Dortmund or Wolfsburg. We can surely afford to play one or two alternative players against teams like Hoffenheim. ;)
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Re: [2015-08-22] Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich

Postby IsiahRashad » Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:32 pm

Grade - 7.3
He will remember this match with saving the penalty /which first makes the crossbar/ .When Hoffenheim scored he dosnt have a chance,as the ball found itself in Volland meters of penalty area of Bayern.Slightly be wavering in corners,it would have to come out and caught the ball.

Grade - 7.0 /Played 36''/
Absolute dominance for Medhi during the time spent on the ground.First attacks for Hoffenhein evolved became from the right side, and he did brilliant job with every single position. A pity that gets injured and left the field so early.I wish him a speedy recovery!

Grade - 6.1
Bad game for Boateng. He could save the second card, after which came a penalty for the opponent, but the referee considers him to show it. Maybe he can do better with the situation with the wrong Alaba pass, but from the replays it seemed that he just pulled away backwards at the moment of pass. However as positives able i can report his exact super long 5-6 passes to Costa.

I was expected more from:
Grade - 5.9
Alaba has not had such a bad match in a long time. Do error for 1-0,and after that to the end of the first half showed almost nothing. The second half came out very emocional,also had a chance to score a goal after a free kick, but the ball meet the wall. I still think it would be better to be used in the center of the field,we will find out the next game.

Grade - 7.3
The old man still got it.The maestro remind everyone how useful can be.After Vidal is on the field, he doesn't have to go out too high to pursue opponents, and I think that is a huge plus for his physical condition.I hope he stays injury free.

Grade - 6.9
/Played 67'/
The captain did not shine with anything this game. Played in the right, as quite often he showd up in the middle of the field and only create a dangerous situation once-long ball from the center ended up on the head of Müller;that kick was saved by the goalkeeper.

Grade - 7.7
Here is finally a game in which I can say that young talent wakes up.He played very well especially second half. You can tell he's worked hard on his physical condition, as it seems that is learned and a few fakes by Costa, after one brilliant cross.Also missed the ball for Lewandowski, who scored the second goal.The conclusion is that when he is playing on his natural position /SS/-will make good matches.

Grade - 7.8
How close he was to celebrat another goal..but his kick met the crossbar. Very strong match for Arturo, Hoffenheim's players managed to upset him, after a few hard fouls on him.Maybe they shouldn't have, because he started chasing the ball all the way down to their goalkeeper.Very strong in defense,he is very usefull in Pep's tactics.My dream is one day to see him controlling midfield with Javi.Amen.

Grade - 6.3
/Played 59'/
Hesitant start to the season for Robben. I don't know if you noticed, but very often he is stuck around 2 opponent players,and he is forced to come back a lot to get the ball .I think a goal or two will be reflect quite well for him..and us.

Player of the game:
One goal,two crossbarr hits and one yellow card.Beatifull goal with knee he fired home from close range.Müller can't be stopped.If we exclude the beams,he had chances to score even more goals but only two interventions of Baumann prevented it. Simply phenomenal.

The Brazilian was creatively superb and was directly involved in both goals. A menace on the flank, he ensured the team kept attacking after the Boateng red card and essentially was the driving factor that spurred the team to victory. His passes and shots were slightly off until the final part of the match, but he made them count in the second half.

/Subbed on 36'/
Not much defending to do, aside from sporadic Hoffenheim attacks, but he was good overall in a tough situation once there were not more centerbacks after the red card.

/Subbed on 59'/
He dont have much work,as Bayern was using the flanks so much.He showed up some nice passing,but nothing more.

/Subbed on 67'/
He played only 30 minutes,but he managed 5 shots /4 on frame/.He scored the gamewinner,coming as a supersub.

Overall performance-7.2
Goal of the game-90' R.Lewandowski

Here : )) [source]
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Re: [2015-08-22] Hoffenheim vs Bayern Munich

Postby #12 » Sun Aug 23, 2015 4:57 pm

PunkCapitalist wrote:Well... It's Hoffenheim, not Dortmund or Wolfsburg. We can surely afford to play one or two alternative players against teams like Hoffenheim. ;)

True... But only if we win - either of the games... :P :D
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