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[2017-12-09] Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich

Discussions on the German Bundesliga matches.

What is your prediction for this match?

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Bayern Munich will win
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Re: [2017-12-09] Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich

Postby prasun77 » Sun Dec 10, 2017 9:34 am

Manchu wrote:I can't help but be confused by your assessment of Rafinha's performance. Not only was he fairly defensively solid, but he broke Frankfurt's press again and again, something that he's particularly good at LB as being right-footed makes it easier for him to pick out passes in the center. Of course, not having a good left foot makes it harder for him to participate offensively, something that was evident today, but in most retrospects Rafinha was much better than Kimmich today although Kimmich got a wonderful assist.

As for Muller, it's already been said that he is not and has never been a lone center-forward, but I honestly feel like you criticize no matter how well he plays, with your comments after he destroyed Hannover being particularly noteworthy.

Rafinha is not a LB agreed..but the mistakes I pointed out that he made can be justified but not denied. Personally, I don't accept any justification because I don't have any reason to make any leeway for Rafinha..he's been here for 5 years almost and he has shown me nothing to appreciate him. I love all the bayern players..even I have started liking Ulreich now.. except him..why? Because he hasn't shown any such performances.

Coming to Muller. He's one of my favourites(Remember the statement he made against psg after the match? That's one of the reasons) and I would still start him every game hoping that he rediscovers his form..but..a bad performance is a bad performance..hesitance to shoot bad first touch that's not the Muller I know or I would like to see. I want Muller from 2012-14 back. That's how I expect him to perform every season. Just like Lewy is consistent, Thiago is consistent, Robben is consistent, Hummels,Neuer(well almost)..nowadays Kimmich.. Muller used to be consistent but now his bar seeems to have dropped..I am not happy with it..
Vidal's bar had dropped Heynckes resurrected he needs to use harsh words and get Muller back too..Muller I think has taken thing for granted subconsciously. He knows at the back of his mind he can't be dropped or the fans will always back him,management will always back him. That's why he has become lackadaisical maybe.
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Re: [2017-12-09] Eintracht Frankfurt vs Bayern Munich

Postby SilverX » Sun Dec 10, 2017 2:54 pm

What an ugly game to watch at times. But a win is a win, full thoughts here.

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