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Why the 4-6-0 could work with our current squad

The 4-6-0 formation is rare. The idea of having a formation with no strikers does not appeal to most clubs, although Barcelona are doing something similar (in a different way) by playing Messi as a false nine. However I do think that Bayern Munich have the right players to make this work. These are the main advantages we would gain from playing such a system. I believe they would help us overcome our troubles against defensive-minded teams, and also get rid of our predictability.

  • It has no real target man. The suggestion in that article is slightly different from mine in this regard because it suggested Müller as a sort of target man. I see it as an advantage not to have a target man. Gomez for example is often marked out of the game by the two central defenders, whose main job is to stop him. The fullbacks get the help they need in marking Robbery from the midfielders (who often play as defenders against FC Bayern).
  • Our forward line ends in the area where we our central attacking midfielders are in our current formation. Theoretically this should help make the defenders come out at us, thus making them leave their own area. Of course not everyone will fall for this so this is where we have to work on making the most out of our long shots. Ribéry, Robben, Schweinsteiger, Tymoshchuk, Kroos and Müller (in other words, the 6 in the 4-6-0) all have great long shots, but most of them have been shooting very badly lately. We need to work on this.

  • It is a very flexible formation:


Bayern Munich formation

  • Can easily change into a 4-2-3-1:

FC Bayern formation











  • Can easily change into a 4-3-3 (or 4-2-1-3):

Bayern Munich tacticsor









  • Can change into a 4-1-2-1-2:

FC Bayern tactics

  • Can change into a 3-4-3:

Bayern 3-4-3

What we need is our players (particularly Ribéry and Robben) to be willing to switch positions during the game. We also need to use the total football that Louis van Gaal brought to the team to be able to make the above changes effectively. As I have said we needed to get rid of Louis van Gaal as we want real success. Heynckes has shown us this by stabilizing our defense. But we must not completely disregard what he did here: van Gaal laid the foundations, and now we must build on that.

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Category: Tactics
  • sch0ll7 says:

    good shout but to play 4-6-0 you need more than 85% pass accuracy…that is very hard to accomplish when you have 10 men in their own box and you are trying to score a goal.

    Look at Barcelona…they are masters of passing and that system but they still have some trouble. I doubt that we can come even close to Barca in that aspect as they have players who play together and train those same passes and through passes since they were children.

    We cant even make 3 through passes during 90 minutes and we have much more space than Barca have against their opponents.

    But I agree that we should at least try and play little more through the middle as our wing-play is too predictable:)

  • MUTU says:

    Gomez may be a bit off form at the moment, but I see that these ideas are based on a best-case scenario seeing that Schweinsteiger is in the line-up.

    For this reason, it is inexplicable to me why some of the formations above are showing Mueller as a sole striker with no sign of our “TORero”.

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      As I have mentioned in the tactics topic in the forum, I believe that the 4-2-3-1 with Gomez as striker is our best formation if we are playing well. What I wanted to do here is to point out that even if the 4-2-3-1 is better, there are other tactics we can use in certain situation to reduce our predictably, or when the current system just doesn’t seem to want to work like we have seen recently. I think you would agree that if we were to deviate from the 4-2-3-1 and go with a striker-less formation, Muller would be a better pick over Gomez because of his versatility which would allow us to play all the above formations.

      • MUTU says:

        In that case I would not play Gomez, true, but I’d play Olic. You need to have a player in the team with a striker’s finishing, and sadly I think that is lacking in Mueller.

        • FCBayernMunchen says:

          Yes, Olic could be another choice, but I didn’t want to mention all the possibilities. If you notice I also used Tymo instead of Gustavo but it could be either one.

  • Derkyi from Ghana says:

    We must make good use of the threat Gomez poses, hence i don’t agree with you on this

  • AvatarX says:

    I am a fan of 4-6-0 system as it very unpredictable if used correctly.

    The specific system has a great advantage over some conservative one, with real strikers. There is no real “TORero”, as mentioned, hence it’s very difficult for the opponent to mark all 4 attacking midfielders. Actually it’s not that hard to neutralize a lone striker. Just double mark and intercept the passes to him and you are done (unless one of Robbery pulls out a rabbit from his hat).

    Sadly, I think we are a bit far from that and I don’t think Heynckes will use such a formation. Maybe with a new coach we could try this.

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      I do not think that is a change that can happen suddenly. It is a gradual process

  • lau03143 says:

    Outside of Barca, the only team I’ve seen play this formation was Scotland vs Czech Republic. And it just never worked. Fair enough, Scotland used it as a defensive formation when infact it’s a very ATTACK minded formation, and the players need to buy in it to make it a fluid formation.