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Who are the attacking ‘bombers’ that Uli Hoeneß is considering?

I think we have come to that point in our club stability that we can start mimicking Barcelona’s model of the summer transfer season which usually means buying one or two big stars in each summer transfer reason. The question on everyone’s mind after the Marco Reus sale to Dortmund is who could this ‘bomber’ be.

I will attempt to outline a list of players that we would all want at Bayern and also how realistic/unrealistic this would be. There will also be two polls at the bottom, vote in one for the player you are HOPING for and the player you find most realistic. I am bound to miss out on some players so feel free to add them to the comments section and explain your reasons on why you think that player could be next ‘bomber’.

1. Mario Götze

Mario Goetze

There isn’t much left to say about Götze people in Germany and even around the world are rating him as a world class talent, the biggest talent to come out of Germany in forever. The media has nicknamed him the German Messi and for his age it’s not a long shot to say he might be on the same track as the crafty Argentinean. All the top clubs are interested in him, however the main hindrance from him moving away is Dortmund itself, as Götze seems to be of the belief that BVB can once again become a powerhouse in Europe and Germany and wants to finish out in contract till 2014. With Reus coming in the Summer the question is that is Reus intended to be a replacement or as a starter alongside Götze? My pessimistic opinion is that he is not a replacement.

Bomber Rating: 4/5
Realistic Rating: 2.5/5

2. Mesut Özil

Mesut Oezil

I know all of you are scratching your heads right now saying that this would be utterly impossible. However, one needs to realize that this is Real Madrid we are talking about and all its going to take is a few more embarrassing defeats to Barcelona and a trophy-less season and its revolving door all over again spewing players out like they did with Robben and Sneijder. Its showing that Özil has been unhappy this season and if the trend continues he might want a move abroad as well. The main hindrance are going to be his massive price tag, the fact that he is a fan favorite at Madrid. It won’t be the coach or the management though. This is no bigger ‘bomber’ than Özil for Bayern, we were interested in him for years and his history and chemistry with the likes of Müller / Lahm / Schweinsteiger and Kroos in the NT would make him the best signing Uli could have ever made.

Bomber Rating: 5/5
Realistic Rating: 3/5

3. Xherdan Shaqiri

Xherdan Shaqiri

He is more along the likes of the players we have been signing recently. Youth players with long term potential, we already have Kroos and Müller and with Shaqiri if he reaches his full potential we could be set for a decade. There are not that many suitors for the young versatile attacker’s signature and Bayern would be able to secure him fairly easily and for relatively cheap. However, he does not exactly fit the ‘marquee’ signing category. He would be an excellent joker for us with potential to eventually be a starter but he is no ‘bomber’.

Bomber Rating: 1/5
Realistic Rating: 4.5/5

4. Robin van Persie

van Persie

Along with Özil this player can be categorized as a ‘bomber’ for sure. Arguably the only striker who can be considered on par with Gómez today. However, unlike Gómez he is capable of playing in the wings as effectively as our wingers and his technical skills are unmatched. Arsenal have now become a feeder club and before FFP is implemented van Persie might be the final gem to leave Emirates. He will have many suitors and he will not come cheap, in fact he might be the most expensive prospect we could be interested in. Although if an offer from Real Madrid or Barcelona was on the table, which is not unlikely (especially Madrid) then there is no question that he would opt to play for them rather than Bayern. He also provides the best possible replacement / rotation for Gómez available in the football world. In somehow securing van Persie Hoeneß would practically kill two birds with one stone, strengthening both our attacking midfield and striking positions at the same time.

Bomber Rating: 5/5
Realistic Rating: 1/5

5. Eden Hazard

Eden Hazard

Last and in my opinion the least effective of the bunch is Hazard. He is very much a mini-CR7. His playstyle is extremely similar, he has the flair and is very effective with his shots much like Robben. He has suitors with Real Madrid ahead of the pecking order in securing his signature if they were to make a large bid for him there would be no question that he is going anywhere else. Among the football media he is already categorized as a bomber even though I don’t think there is a massive difference in skill between him and Shaqiri and honestly believe that Shaqiri might have more long term potential.

Bomber Rating: 2/5
Realistic Rating: 3.5/5


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Category: Transfers
  • MUTU says:

    I think what we need most (attack-wise) is an out-and-out striker and not an attacking midfielder / winger. Someone who would be a sub for Gomez, and Robin van Persie will definitely not accept that role.

  • tflags says:

    Oezil would be a 0 chance for a move. Besides, the last time we brought a player from Madrid they fired their coach which I feel would be the same case here. He is, despite his recent out of physical condition rumors, an idol over there. A madrilist told me a funny comment the other day: “Guys, go and ‘Find Nemo’ someplace else.”

    van Persie? See Oezil please, then think twice the issues.

    Lille wants to build a new stadium with the sale of Hazard. Since we are still paying for ours, I think we should pass on that one.

    Good post though. Makes you wonder who really is in that bomber list.

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    I think that most likely to happen is Shaqiri, but I also think there is a good chance that Ozil comes here (in fact I voted for him since we can’t choose two).

  • ballackfcb says:

    Is Ballack the “bomb”?

  • armbrust says:

    I hope its Oezil, and its not so unrealistic if we take in cosideration FFP.

  • lau03143 says:

    Ozil as the “Bomber” and tbh I don’t think it’s that unrealistic.

    Though, I think Shaqiri could be the one to come in.