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Reus vs. Shaqiri: Who will be the better signing?

It is no secret that Bayern Munich was interested in Marco Reus. Throughout the first half of the season, many figures associated with the Bavarians came out and made statements about Reus in an attempt to convince him to sign for the Rekordmeister. There was also rumored interest from Bayern’s domestic rivals, Borussia Dortmund, who Reus used to play for, as well as Arsenal, Real Madrid, Inter Milan and Manchester City. Reus himself was coy on a potential move to FC Bayern. Continue reading

Angering the fans

FC Bayern Munich published today in its main web site AND on its Facebook wall, news that the team had signed a “spectacular” player for the “offensive area.” The signing, the news posts read, was to be announced at a press conference at 2 pm, CET. The countdown to the scheduled conference was already running.

That was enough to make all hell break loose.

Speculation ran rampant for the few minutes it took users to get hold of the news and jump to their accustomed forums. Names like Shaqiri, Tevez, Berbatov (well, not actually), Farfán, among others appeared as the possible signings. Then the craze over who was Cup tied added to the frenzy. What a glorious day this would be fans wrote; a day Gomez would have a new back up, a ‘spectacular’ back up! People couldn’t wait for the conference; some fans even promising to change scheduled flights in order to catch the news firsthand. Now who in the world would change a flight for a thing like this? Other than myself I mean.

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Breno: should he stay or should he go?

Breno at São Paulo

Breno at São Paulo

The contract of Bayern Munich’s Brazilian defender Breno Vinicius Rodrigues Borges, commonly known as Breno, expires this summer. When he was signed in January 2008, Breno was hailed by former Bayern legend Giovane Élber as being “already genuinely world class”. Four years and a number of injuries later, he has simply failed to live up to the expectations of him. In this article, we will review five reasons in favour of keeping Breno and five reasons why he should leave. Continue reading