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Vastic: ‘English football is faster but technically poorer’ – BayernForum.com EXCLUSIVE interview

Toni Vastic is a teenage Austrian footballer playing his trade with FC Bayern II. The left winger and striker got together with BayernForum.com to bring you this exclusive interview, in which he reveals his roots, his experiences and his ambitions to play for Bayern Munich’s first team.

Toni Vastic

BayernForum.com: This season you suffered a torn ankle joint ligament and were out for around two months. What was it like, being unable to play?

Vastic: It was very hard for me because it’s the longest I have been out for and also I was doing pretty well scoring 3 goals in 6 games. The injury has put me back a little bit and I still don’t feel I’m back at 100%. But I’ll continue to work hard to help my team get good results.

BayernForum.com: You have played for Austria at U16, U17 and U19 levels. You have now turned 19. How tough will it be to break into the U21 team?

Vastic: Yes that is right. I turned 19 and I’m still allowed to play for the U19s for half a year so I’m more focused on qualifing for the Euro U19. I love playing for my country but it’s not number 1 at the moment. I’m more focused on improving my game and doing well at Bayern Munich.

Ivica Vastić, Toni's father, was born in Croatia

Ivica Vastić, Toni's father, was born in Croatia

BayernForum.com: Your father is Ivica Vastić, a well known former Austrian international. However he was born in Croatia (Yugoslavia at the time). Does that make you eligible for Croatian citizenship? If so, would you consider playing for the Croatian national team if they called you up?

Vastic: I don’t have a Croatian passport but both of my parents are Croatian and all my family is back there so yeah I’m very bound to the nation. I can’t say what can happen in the future. I currently represent Austria.

Toni Vastic played for Blackburn U18

Toni Vastic played for Blackburn U18

BayernForum.com: Last season you were playing with the Blackburn Rovers U18 team, but rather than wait for your chance to play for the senior team in the Premier League, you decided to play for FC Bayern II. How does the level of football with the U18s compare to the Regionalliga Süd?

Vastic: It’s very hard to say because playing youth football is very different to playing with full grown men. One thing I can say is English football is faster but technically poorer.

BayernForum.com: FC Bayern II are currently in 12th place in the table with half of the points of leaders Stuttgarter Kickers. Why do you think you are doing worse than what was expected?

Vastic: Many players are new and we first had to get to know each other. I think in the winter break we worked very hard and showed some good results and I believe in our qualities. I think the rest of the season will be a positive one.

BayernForum.com: When do you think that we can expect FC Bayern II to be promoted once again to the 3. Fußball-Liga?

Vastic: I really don’t know. I’m new here and I don’t know all the teams and also the league is changing next year.

BayernForum.com: Which FC Bayern II players do you think have the biggest chances to play for the first team in the future?

Vastic: Well of course everybody is talented enough for the first team. So it’s all down to the single player how much he will give to get to the first team. At the moment Emre Can is on a good path to make his debut and I really hope he will make it because he is a good player as well as a friend.

BayernForum.com: What are your plans and ambitions for the future?

Vastic: I’ll continue to work hard to help my team get good results and I hope to get an oppurtunity to show myself to the first team.

Good luck Toni, and thanks for your time! Keep up the hard work!

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  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    I like that comment about Can… don’t know much about this guy either but I hear he’s talented

    • MUTU says:

      Yes, Emre Can is the obvious choice. I hoped a couple more names would emerge…

  • lau03143 says:

    Good interview.

    He made a bold choice, moving from the EPL and potential silly money that he could potentially earn these on the bench of an average team. Instead he chose to come here to Bayern II, and graft his way up, and no doubt if he makes it into the first team or not, will be a better player for it.

  • tflags says:

    “Well of course everybody is talented enough for the first team.” I like his confidence.