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Toni Kroos: should he stay or should he go?

It’s time for the BayernForum.com Monthly Poll and the winning topic of discussion this month is Kroos’ contract extension. Toni Kroos has a contract of €4m per year and has been holding out for €8m, doubling his salary. What’s your take?

IMPORTANT: Click the ‘Vote’ button on every single poll you answer below not just at the end because each button only save its respective poll.


On a scale of 1 to 10 how do you rate Kroos’ abilities?


How important do you think Kroos is to Bayern’s success?


How much salary do you think Kroos deserves?


Do you agree with resuming negotiations at the end of the season?


Let us know your full thoughts by posting comments below!

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  • MUTU says:

    I’ve always admired Toni Kroos since his debut as a 17 year old kid. He has some abilities that set him apart, and I think he’s the natural heir to Schweinsteiger. I’d really like him to stay, but then I don’t think we should bow to all player demands either.

  • Badger says:

    I have become more and more of a fan of Kroos over the past year, and would be very sorry to see him go. But, leaving aside the personal appreciation, I think that there are many reasons why Bayern shouldn’t let him go either. The future of dominating Europe lies in variation, and Kroos (and Mandzukic) bring something to the Bayern game that other players can’t quite provide. With Kroos it is several things, but mainly the guarantee of retaining possession in the opponents’ half against virtually any opposition and his ability to control the game and tempo. Then there is the future: thankfully Bayern should have Ribery, Robben, Schweinsteiger and Lahm for another year or two, but after that Bayern need world class additions to the squad to maintain their current levels of success. Kroos can be part of Bayern’s future squad quality; without him there’s a lot of buying to be done.

    • Firefox1234 says:

      Idk if their will be a lot of buying that will need to be done but finding a player of Kroos’ quality will definitely be an expensive task. Imo its better if Bayern extend Kroos to the best of their capabilities cause it will be more expensive to find a player of his quality again for a cheap price than to resign him and give him his 8m/yr but for all we know Bayern may have that replacement if Kroos decides to depart.

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    If this happened 1-2 years ago I would have said that we should consider selling him, but today, I say absolutely not! He has improved a lot an is now one of the best, if not the best, attacking midfielders out there. He is very young, he keeps improving, and he seems to fit Guardiola’s tactics. In all the polls except one, the option I picked is the most popular till now. I think that shows how much Kroos is appreciated at Bayern, unlike what many Man United seem to believe (or hope).

  • Firefox1234 says:

    Kroos for me was one of the players i disliked the most. He always looked so passive and indifferent in games and Jupp would play him all the time no matter how good or bad of form he was in, but over time as he developed i saw how great of a player he is and started to see he was a major cog in Bayern’s squad. Personally i think Bayern should do what it takes to keep Kroos as a way of resigning all Bayern’s young stars to long term contracts which will ensure the club remains competitive in the future one the likes of Schweinstiger, Lahm, Robben, and Ribery move on but if the board has to let him go to manage their finances to also ensure the clubs success then that step should also be taken.

  • Badger says:

    But surely that’s missing the point. The issue is the salary request for what seems to be 8 mio. Why on earth would Kroos play for anyone else for less than 8 mio? He might as well accept Bayern’s offer as play elsewhere for a salary below 8 mio.

    Does anyone else think that Bayern are playing a risky game? Firstly, I should mention that I don’t really believe that Kroos being dropped for the last two games is related to his contract negotiations. Kroos has asked for a significant salary increase, but he has been thoroughly professional about it, turning out good performances, contradicting contentious media rumours, speaking well of Bayern and finally stating that he wants to concentrate on his football until the summer. If Bayern are dropping him for contract-related reasons, they risk looking like playing dirty to force him to comply with their wishes. And if they really turn Kroos sour, he could decide to run down his contract like Ballack did, leaving them at a loss of around 35 mio. Sammer and the board would not look very clever in those circumstances.

    • Badger says:

      Apologies. I started that last comment offline, meaning to post it in the forum in response to someone’s comment that Juve couldn’t pay Kroos 6-7 mio, and then I thought I should post it here – forgetting how I’d started it off. (Can a blog comment be edited?)

      • MUTU says:

        Actually it makes more sense to discuss the topic here in length and leave the forum thread for more emerging news.

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      You make a good point on Kroos not accepting a contract for less money from another team

    • MUTU says:

      I heard a rumour that Man Utd offered Kroos a salary of over €9m/yr, which is even more than he asked the Bayern board. They want him desperately and that has to play its part in the negotiations.

      • Firefox1234 says:

        Man U and other big clubs after him may be able to give him a higher salary but he will probably not have the same sporting success elsewhere like at Bayern. In my opinion if Kroos wants good wages and a good team Bayern are the best option and i hope he knows that.

  • Dalv says:

    kroos would be a fool to move to a sinking ship

  • FCB general says:

    Not that he should stay, he MUST stay! That’s my humble opinion. Kroos is and he will be a great player in the next 6 years. We need him as a replacement and a new leader after Bastian.

    We have finally got from Toni what we wanted 6 years ago – a player worth of Bayern shirt and a player who can control entire midfield, dictate tempo, be a link in the middle hetween defensive and ofensive line. Few days ago I voted opposite than I’m thinking in the last 2 days. Bayern should offer Kroos 8.5 mil € per year and certainly end it with an agreement.

  • Kevinx67 says:

    The one question of “How important do you think Kroos is to Bayern’s success?” could be looked at two ways. In Pep’s team i feel he isn’t as important and he was under Jupp. Pep’s system doesn’t let Kroos be the attacking player he is. I don’t see Kroos being a Bayern player next year. As much as i like him and want him to stay Kroos is going to leave and will get more than 8 mil a year abroad.

    • LordCyrus says:

      But he showed Pep’s attacking player (Thiaggo) just how its done. Moreover, Kroos is the only 100%”no miss the target” marksman we’ve got, and there are a few in the world or should i say none that i can think of that is better at snipping and long range passes than him save for Bastian in the passes dept.

    • LordCyrus says:

      But he showed Pep’s attacking player (Thiago) just how its done. Moreover, Kroos is the only 100%”no miss the target” marksman we’ve got, and there are a few in the world or should i say none that i can think of that is better at snipping and long range passes than him save for Bastian in the passes dept.

  • juaqcarlos says:

    If Kroos leaves, there will be others to replace him. There will be other young stars that will develop under Pep’s system

  • raz25 says:

    Kroos had his best game ever for us vs Arsenal, I’m sure he won’t sustain that level in the long term.

    With Kroos control it seems like the opponent doesn’t stand a chance for full 90 minutes but the time will come when we will desperately need a goal and Kroos’ continuous changes of direction will become useless. Those will be very rare moments so that’s why I’m 100% of the opinion that we should keep him. But it can’t go unnoticed that’s for sure.

    He is a great player all in all, but there’s only so much he can do. Obviously not even Satan would have dared sub him off on Wednesday night but generally if we would be trailing, between Thiago, Gotze and Kroos, Muller/Pizza/Shaq would pretty much always come in for Kroos. This combined with the fact that Thiago was a total beast when he took Kroos’ place, make me conclude that we shouldn’t give in to his demands.

    Nobody knows players’ salaries, but if Ribery/Lahm/Schweinsteiger earn 10 Mil, Gotze/Muller earn 8 Mil and Alaba earns 6 Mil, I’d say that Muller and Schweinsteiger are overpaid, we should stop overpaying our players now that we’ve reached the hottest club in the world status and that we should give Kroos 7 Mil. But if he continues playing like this I would give him 1 Mil bonus if he features in 40 games/season.

  • Reg Dunlop says:

    I think they need to re-sign him…but quickly. The way he has been playing lately his stock/price will only go up. Plus, from a fan perspective I’m tired of the ManUre talk. With his youth, as long as he’s healthy, he could have a Schweinstiger-like career with Bayern.

  • zuki46 says:

    I believe that he is an extremely important player not only because of his talent but also because German players and especially from the Bayern youth academy are and have always been the CORE of the team. That is what makes Bayern a giant in world football. That is why Bayern has been a top club for the past 5 years. Now as a player Kroos has been developing quite impressively for the past 3 years and for me is definitely the successor of Bastian. We just cannot afford to loose him and the fact is there are many clubs waiting for Bayern to fail the negotiations. That shows how much is Toni appreciated by everyone.