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TFlags’ Photoshopped picture of the week: Breno

Setting the Record Straight.

A parody, by TFlags.

Following a tumultous week, in which our Brazilian Center Back (the dedicated one) issued some positive comments about his current employer, he then managed to cause yet a second firestorm, again out of the blue, by posting an unexpected message using his own personal account in social network site Twitter. ‘… the team is messing with me’ read the now infamous twitt; shortly thereafter confirming he did post thy message himself. He said the message was in relation to him being played in the second team at FCB; something he resented the team learned the Twitter way.

Club coach Jupp Heynkes explained what has caused the misunderstanding in a recent official club interview: Apparently he talked to the Brazilian international in Spanish, a language Don Jupp speaks well from his time coaching in Spain. Breno, on the other hand, answers to him in his native Portuguese, which, using the coaches’ own words, ‘is understandable for him’; both languages being similar to each other at least according to the coach.

I can personally testify to the contrary, but I am just the guy doing the crazy photo-shopping. Given this scheme, figured the coach, something BIG ‘got lost in translation.’

What happened in the aftermath? Breno was given an out of pitch Yellow card for his comments and unofficially banned from posting any more club related messages on the Internet. But just as matters seemed to be settling down, things got a little more complicated…

[crazy talk starts here]

Breno, not content with just the talk, decided to issue an apology. Citing his limited knowledge of the German language, he has decided to set the record straight. His grammar was all messed up, he believes, and wants to re-post the message this time correctly. Problem is, he can’t do so using his Twitt account as he doesn’t want a second yellow card. First chance he gets then, he gets the message out in a more, shall we say, close to the chest kind of way…

On his way home from a sick leave, he decided to stop by a tattoo parlor and we have exclusive pictures for you here. Just before doing the thing, Breno asked us which one of the following messages should he write, from the following list of options:

  • I really wanted to play for Botafogo [The Brazilian team whose name is translated as ‘Fire Boots’]
  • No Copa, No Cabana [No Cup, No Tent. A slight change from his beloved beach Copacabana in Rio.]
  • I am really two years younger. 😉
  • Why speak German when you can Twitt?
  • Follow me on Twitter: Burno
At the end, we decided the actual message was the less susceptible one. Enjoy!

Breno's Tattoo

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  • MUTU says:

    LOL almost made me throw up the McDonalds burger I just ate. Didn’t expect that pic.

  • ballackfcb says:

    Fantastic pic!
    It looks real!

  • YlonenXabi says:

    That made me laugh ahahaha