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TFlags’ Photoshopped picture of the week

Looks like Thomas Müller’s goal scoring record this year has finally taken off, and quite appropriately so. After an equivalent of 13 games without a single goal, the midfielder/striker was quite pleased with the feat, expressing to a reporter: “I was surprised at jumping so high and scoring against three defenders.” (Loosely translated by Google.)

We just hope that this ‘off to a flying start‘ record doesn’t land anytime soon and Thomas re-lives his 2010 days. To commemorate the the event, we have prepared a picture of the week – do kindly find it after the jump.

PS: Who the heck is Michael Jordan? He seems to be twitting me quite a lot and seems to be a bit mad about something…

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  • AvatarX says:

    Hehe … nice and funny post 🙂