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Mia San Mia (We Are Who We Are)

Why the 4-6-0 could work with our current squad

The 4-6-0 formation is rare. The idea of having a formation with no strikers does not appeal to most clubs, although Barcelona are doing something similar (in a different way) by playing Messi as a false nine. However I do think that Bayern Munich have the right players to make this work. These are the main advantages we would gain from playing such a system. I believe they would help us overcome our troubles against defensive-minded teams, and also get rid of our predictability. Continue reading

If I Was Jupp… (Part 1)

If I was Jupp... Five Talking Tactical Points (Part 1)

Disclaimer: This article was written before the poor displays by Bayern in the last few matches and prior to Schweinsteiger’s injury.

All of us love to be armchair managers, whether it is in Football Manager, simply playing FIFA with friends or in nearly every match thread. This is a hypothetical two-part article in which I will attempt to be an armchair manager and ask some core tactical questions that, if implemented, I believe could make us close to being unbeatable in Europe. Continue reading