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Who is Bayern’s Most Effective Striker of the Last Decade?

It has often been argued which type of striker suits Bayern most. While some prefer the ruthless goal scorer we see when Mario Gomez finishes off his team’s work in opportunistic style, others prefer the all round play and dribbling of Giovane Elber while still others enjoy the relentless hard running and passion of Ivica Olic. In the end, the most important thing for the team is that the striker being fielded actually scores. Few would argue that Mario Gomez is more skilled all-round than Miroslav Klose or Claudio Pizarro in their primes, in fact, most fans are exasperated at the clumsiness that Gomez often shows on the ball. Continue reading

Mario Gomez vs Miroslav Klose

Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose have one thing in common and one thing that keeps them apart: both have been very prolific for the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft but while Klose is loved by (almost) everyone, a large number of people are Gomez doubters. In this article, the idea is to compare the two strikers’ goalscoring records for the national team in order to see who is the most prolific. Continue reading