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Why did Germany Fail at the World Cup?

Note: This article is almost 6000 words long as I tried to be as thorough as possible. If you don’t want to read it all, the sections which should most interest the casual reader are 1c (striker issues), 2 (counterpressing), and 6 (recommendations).   

German girl crying

I do not believe there is anyone reading this, maybe not anyone in the entire world, who would argue that the German National Team did not underperform this World Cup.  Failing to get out of the group stage for the first time in history is, to put it simply, a catastrophe, and it is a catastrophe we must engage in in order to draw lessons for the future. Continue reading

Fabio Capello, you are so funny!

Fabio Capello, the famous Italian trainer who is currently coaching the English national team has launched a scathing attack on the German national team. He has accused the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft of ‘theft’.

Capello told reporters how “Germany had five of Turkish origin who opted to represent them and we all know what happened.”

He then took things further… Continue reading