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Champions League heroes of 2001: where are they now?

Kahn celebrates the Champions League victory

On 23rd May 2001 in San Siro, Milan, a towering 1.93m tall Mauricio Pellegrino stepped up to take the decisive penalty kick in the Champions League final. The first six penalties were taken, and Linke had just scored in the seventh kick, which meant that Pellegrino needed to score his spot kick. As the anticipation engulfed the whole stadium and the millions watching on televisions around the world, Pellegrino ran up to the ball and gave a hard left-footed shot towards his left. Oliver Kahn dived to his right and saved. History was written as Bayern Munich were crowned European champions. Almost eleven years have passed since that day, and we’re going to look at what the heroes of that season have since been doing in their lives. Continue reading