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Mario Gomez vs Miroslav Klose

Mario Gomez and Miroslav Klose have one thing in common and one thing that keeps them apart: both have been very prolific for the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft but while Klose is loved by (almost) everyone, a large number of people are Gomez doubters. In this article, the idea is to compare the two strikers’ goalscoring records for the national team in order to see who is the most prolific. Continue reading

Is the Bundesliga better than the Serie A?

Serie ABundesligaDespite the change in the UEFA Country Coefficients, which now pits the Bundesliga in third place, ahead of Italy’s Serie A, the fans of Italian clubs still claim that the Serie A is superior to the Bundesliga. For the casual football fan, this may seem like the case; after all, clubs from Milan have won the UEFA Champions League twice in the last five seasons, and at least one of these Milan clubs looks good for another title, having mauled Arsenal 4-0 in the first leg of the Champions League first knockout round. On the other hand, only FC Bayern has represented the Bundesliga in the Champions League final during the last five years, a final they lost to Internazionale. Continue reading

Euro 2012 Draw

In a Europe struggling to solve financial issues during a deep economic crisis, with a lot of young people searching to find a decent paid job, to look ahead to the future positively, with unemployment rates going up to almost 20% in some EU countries, a lot of people will welcome the thought of a nice event or some entertainment to take their minds off of their problems. Continue reading