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Mia San Mia (We Are Who We Are)

2001: A Space Odyssey

The unfortunate events of the last few seasons have had many nostalgic Bayern fans looking back to better times. Times when the Rekordmeister was raking in the trophies and glory, times when Europe’s finest trembled at the name “Bayern”, times when legends were born. While many have accused the current squad of lacking aggression, winning mentality, hunger and, well, balls, the class of 2001 is now lauded for having those exact same things. Bayern fans today yearn for the days of Kahn, Scholl and Effenberg, despite the abundance of riches that strut their stuff weekly at the Allianz Arena. Below is a little trip back to that magical season of 2000/2001. Continue reading

Tactical permutations and all that jazz

With the Bundesliga opener a week away, it looks like it is time to start wondering how our team is going to play this season. In the transfer market, we’ve bolstered our team with the signing of Xherdan Shaqiri, Claudio Pizarro, Mario Mandzukic, Dante, Mitchell Weiser and Tom Starke. Finally, the signing of the Athletic Bilbao midfielder Javi Martinez seems to be bogged in semantics in negotiations, yet very close to being completed, so this article will be written on the assumption that Martinez will be wearing all red by Monday.

(note: Neuer is left out of this discussion because he simply… is) Continue reading

EXCLUSIVE interview with David Vržogić

David Vržogić training in Trentino

David Vržogić training in Trentino

During the Trentino training camp, much has been talked about injuries to fullbacks David Alaba and Rafinha, and a while later Contento was also injured, rubbing salt in the open wound. However, there was also another fullback who was injured during the Trentino training camp. David Vržogić is a German-Serb who plays for FC Bayern II but who is considered so promising that Jupp Heynckes took him with him to Italy. Continue reading

Mia san mia

Mia san ein Verein, mia san Botschafter, mia san Vorbilder, mia san Tradition, mia san Innovation, mia san Selbstvertrauen, mia san grenzenlos, mia san Fußball, mia san Respekt, mia san Freude, mia san Treue, mia san Partner, mia san Heimat, mia san Motor, mia san Verantwortung, mia san Familie. Mia san mia – mia san der FC Bayern!

The phrase “Mia san mia” is FC Bayern Munich’s motto. It is the Bavarian variation of “wir sind wir”, which roughly translates to “We are who we are.” Continue reading

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Christian Nerlinger, Bayern’s general manager since 2010, was replaced last week by Germany and Dortmund legend Matthias Sammer. Despite being in a position that needed guts and authority, Nerlinger was criticized by many for not stamping his authority and for being merely a “yes man” to club president Uli Hoeneß. While the bitter failure of the past two seasons was not directly his fault, someone had to pay the price, so who better than the timid, evasive general manager? Continue reading

Looking ahead to the future

Another season is over. The dream of reaching the home Champions League final in Munich was achieved, but a happy ending was not meant to be. To add insult to injury, Bayern finished as runners-up in all competitions they played in this year.

This means that Bayern have now gone trophy-less for two seasons in a row, something which hasn’t happened for exactly twenty years. Bayern did not win any titles in 1990/1, then again in 1991/2 and made it three in a row a year later. Continue reading