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Mia San Mia (We Are Who We Are)

Mia san mia

Mia san ein Verein, mia san Botschafter, mia san Vorbilder, mia san Tradition, mia san Innovation, mia san Selbstvertrauen, mia san grenzenlos, mia san Fußball, mia san Respekt, mia san Freude, mia san Treue, mia san Partner, mia san Heimat, mia san Motor, mia san Verantwortung, mia san Familie. Mia san mia – mia san der FC Bayern!

The phrase “Mia san mia” is FC Bayern Munich’s motto. It is the Bavarian variation of “wir sind wir”, which roughly translates to “We are who we are.” Continue reading

Looking Back and Looking Forward

Christian Nerlinger, Bayern’s general manager since 2010, was replaced last week by Germany and Dortmund legend Matthias Sammer. Despite being in a position that needed guts and authority, Nerlinger was criticized by many for not stamping his authority and for being merely a “yes man” to club president Uli Hoeneß. While the bitter failure of the past two seasons was not directly his fault, someone had to pay the price, so who better than the timid, evasive general manager? Continue reading

Looking ahead to the future

Another season is over. The dream of reaching the home Champions League final in Munich was achieved, but a happy ending was not meant to be. To add insult to injury, Bayern finished as runners-up in all competitions they played in this year.

This means that Bayern have now gone trophy-less for two seasons in a row, something which hasn’t happened for exactly twenty years. Bayern did not win any titles in 1990/1, then again in 1991/2 and made it three in a row a year later. Continue reading


Okay, lads and lasses, we’re not all going to die. Nor did our team suddenly become like Kaiserslautern or something. But there is plenty to be learned from yesterday’s Pokal match, and plenty that it gives perspective to. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The most prevalent stance in the last 12 hours among the plebs of the internet has been bewilderment as to how could Bayern win the Champions League after a performance such as yesterday. With all the alarmism of Daily Mail-reading housewives, even our own flock has taken to this line of thought. But there are a fair few key points that are cause for plenty optimism ahead of the big ol’ game in a weeks time. Continue reading

Champions League final ticket scams

The BayernForum.com How-To Guide to avoid being scammed

You took part in UEFA.com’s ticket lottery and failed to win, or else you didn’t participate at all out of fear that you may end up having to buy a ticket for a final you don’t want to watch. In the meantime, FC Bayern reaches the Champions League final and you’re left desperately scrambling trying to find the cheapest ticket out of the highly inflated options you have left. Sounding familiar? Continue reading

Five of the Best

Earlier this season, the club’s board lauded the team’s scintillating home form, labeling games at the Allianz Arena “festivals”. Every Saturday afternoon, Bayern fans would be treated to stunning displays of football. Once the fall days turned to winter nights, however, these master classes slowly faded away as Bayern entered the darkest, most uncertain point of its season. The last of these “festivals” was seen in the first half of Bayern’s game versus Napoli, when the Bavarians were leading 3-1. Perhaps it was Bastian Schweinsteiger’s painful, fateful injury that ended Bayern’s dominance and signaled a decline; perhaps other teams figured Bayern out. One thing was certain; Bayern was declining, and fast. When March rolled in, Bayern had put in solid, but unspectacular, home performances for about five months. Dull home results, coupled with countless bitter away games had fans looking back to the glorious days of the fall. Bayern fans were undoubtedly longing for a return of these “festivals”. Continue reading