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Pierre Emil Højbjerg: “I am happy to be at Bayern as it is a fantastic club”

Pierre Emil Højbjerg, A 17-Year old Danish player who plays for FC Bayern , thanks to our friend NikolajfromDenmark , we managed to interview him and ask him the Questions Bayernforum.com users wanted to ask.


How does a move to Bayern feel? Are you happy? Anxious? What is your overall feeling about this transfer?

Bayern Munich is the world’s best club, they produce their own talents, give the young players a chance, and in Top of that, they are always in the Bundesliga & Champions League title race.

Bayern are on the same level of Barcelona.


Are you in contact with first team players, and if you are, do you get any advice from them?

I have no SMS or phone contact with any of them, but we say hello & talk to each other when we meet, but they have their own stuff to take care of.

I am just a little boy, but Dante is fantastic, he might pressure me, but he protects me & gives me advice how things are done. He is fantastic.


How did you feel when you played for the first team during the summer?

It was really awesome to feel the tempo and learn things from the more experienced guys and then build on it at the youth team.


Are there significant differences between the youth system in Brøndby and that in Bayern?

Yes, there is a big difference.

In Bayern we play 4-1-2-1-2 but in Brøndby we played 4-1-4-1, yet, if you are good enough, it shouldn’t be a problem.

Brøndby is past now, and I am getting ready for the system of Bayern, the best club in the world.


How optimistic are you about your potential chances of playing for the first team? Where do you feel you stand at the moment and are you satisfied with where you stand in the team at the moment?

I don’t know about my chances at the first team , I have only been here for 2 months ,I came from U-17 in Denmark to U-23 here , this jump is already big .

I take everything easy, work hard, and do my best every time, and then the coach decides. I am never 100% satisfied , I always want to become better ,this way gets the most out of your talent

I take it easy and wherever I practice I give my best, I am happy to be at Bayern as it is a Fantastic club

Still though, you only are truly happy when reach the highest level, but everything has its time , I am not going to be a player of the first team now . I just turned 17 so I have lots of time


What position do you play most comfortably? We might need a nr.10 in the future.

I feel comfortable as a10, but also as a free offensive midfielder.

I also like to fight for the team defensively , so if we play with 3 midfielders , I would like the more offensive one like Xavi , Lampard or Gerrard , This is my Favorite position but I don’t know what it is called {He means the 8 position in a 4-3-3 or Christmas Tree}


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  • AvatarX says:

    Nice interview. Thanks a lot to NikolajfromDenmark 🙂

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    I love how many times he said Bayern are the best team.

  • sch0ll7 says:

    thanks nikolaj…great interview.

  • AssemFCB says:

    MUTU will be surprised when he comes back and finds out that Nikolaj pulled off an interview with a Bayern player!

  • NikolajFromDenmark says:

    I remember this! Great times 😀