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What is Philipp Lahm’s ideal position on the pitch?

Our monthly poll is back. This month’s topic of discussion, chosen by members, is Philipp Lahm’s ideal position on the field. Should it be right-back, or should it be defensive midfield? Or do you think it is a position he less commonly plays in? What is your opinion?

Philipp Lahm

Explain your answer in detail by posting a comment below! Once you’re done, make sure to log into your BayernForum.com account and vote for next month’s topic of discussion.

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  • Zoga says:

    Now that Schweinsteiger is back Lahm should return to RB. And also Schweinsteiger enforces and bosses at the holding position twenty times better than Lahm, instead of spending time making Lahm an even better holding midfielder(because he might end up getting as good as Schweiny), Pep should bring back Martinez to this position and push Thiago upfront.

    The game against Arsenal Lahm seems to have forgotten his defensive duties and is more to be found in attacking roles. Rafinha right now can challenge Lahm for RB, and for the good of the national team, he should go back and get in tune playing at RB.
    This business of him excelling at defensive midfielder gives Jogi a headache,we already have too many midfielders and also we don’t want Boateng being forced to play at RB. A defence of Boa-Per-Hummels-Schmelzer is disaster even under protection of Lahm and Schweiny.

  • MUTU says:

    I think that while Lahm has played well at DM, the competition for places means that he is more needed at RB. Also, due to his physique, you’d generally prefer to have a physically-stronger presence in front of the defence.

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      I still have my doubts whether Schweinsteiger is as effective as him defensively (Martinez definitely is), but I agree that he is much more needed at RB, even though I’m happy with Rafinha.

  • CaptainLahm21 says:

    haha think you could of left some positions out of the poll such as goalkeeper :’) but he is a rb hes the best in the world there maybe ever how he can influence a game so much in both halves in that role is phenomonal

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      Haha true but I didn’t want people to have to pick a position which is not accurate because of a lack of options (e.g. picking defensive midfielder when they think he should be a central midfielder), so I took the safe option and included everything. I’m surprised that someone actually voted for left winger and striker! Obviously I will not include the positions with 0 votes in the results.

  • zuki46 says:

    I believe he did well as a DM but I agree with Zoga. Lets face it he is needed more as a RB for Bayern and Germany. Also there is already too much competition for midfielders to add another one to the puzzle. Bastian is more commanding and for me he is the leader Bayern needs in midfield and Germany as well.

  • runaway says:

    To make midfield option a bit shorter, Lahm should get back to RB. He was a great back-up but Schweinstiger really needs to play more so we can find the perfect place for him like with Kroos and Thiago, they both needed a number of games to impose themselves in midfield.

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      Schweinsteiger is regaining form rapidly. I still have my doubts on playing without a pure defensive player like Martinez or Lahm, but it seems that with our dominant tatxis it does not matter much.

  • Kevinx67 says:

    He should play at RB. To small to play in the middle of the park.

  • Dalv says:

    RB for sure, we need the Robben Lahm duo again to match Alaba – Ribery from the other side.

  • Dalv says:

    Also, Schweini is superb in DM.

  • Element says:

    1-Phillip Lahm is Great as CDM , but Something truly special as RB

    2-Bayern is full of top CDMs (Schweinsteiger , kroos and martinez) , while a quality RB is something rare Worldwide (in fact the only competition for Lahm is Dani Alves)

    3-putting Lahm as RB will make space for a top quality Midfielder to Start

    • MUTU says:

      So now you’re ‘Elementing’ on the blog as well? 😛 It’s “Philipp Lahm” not “Phillip Lahm”

  • silberkreuz says:

    As a RB, Lahm is the best in the world at his job. He has been for several years now and as time wears on that should be put into consideration. Whilst I don’t agree that you can’t teach an old dog new tricks, I’m saying that in this case we just plain shouldn’t.
    Rafinha has been an excellent understudy to Lahm and has shown just what kind of player he is, which is important, because as time wears on, Lahm will have to start being rested- he can’t play at this level forever! With Lahm back at RB, we have not only the best RB in the business but the best overall FB team, which has exactly the number of players we need (although I understand arguments that we could do with another LB).
    We already have too many midfielders, why introduce another one? Give some playing time to the ones we have and keep squad and individual morale where it should be.

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      Agreed, but I would extend it to saying that we have not just the best FB team, but the best wings, i.e. including the offsensive players as well.

  • MUTU says:

    6 votes for goalkeeper haha… stop skewing our stats funny guys 😛

    • FCBayernMunchen says:

      Really though, he should play there once we’ve won the league. Neuer deserves his chance at RB.