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Bundesliga poised to overtake Premier League in UEFA coefficients

UEFA Champions League draw

On 22nd May 2010, several Italians did something they didn’t think they could ever do: support Inter Milan in the UEFA Champions League Final 2010. The reason wasn’t because they suddenly fell in love with the black-and-blue stripes, but because a situation arose: the Bundesliga had become dangerously close to pipping the Serie A for the third place in the UEFA Country Ranking. Continue reading

From Gold to Old: Xabi Alonso feels full force of FC Bayern’s emotional rollercoaster

Shortly after FC Bayern announced Toni Kroos’ departure to continental rivals Real Madrid last summer, it emerged that Xabi Alonso was to move in the opposite direction. The first impressions of Xabi Alonso were astounding. The midfield maestro himself must have been surprised about how rapidly and seamlessly he integrated into the team, breaking a few records along the way. For a moment, FC Bayern fans forgot Toni Kroos. For a moment, Xabi Alonso looked worth his weight in gold.

That is all in the past now. Fast forward to today and the Internet is awash with articles and social media comments about how Xabi Alonso is looking old and that he’s past it. So how does one exactly go from gold to old in the space of a few months?

He doesn’t. Continue reading

On the US tour and Bayern’s pre-season

By Julian Green. Posted by tflags.

Disclaimer: This blog post is an unadulterated copy of the original article which can be found here. The article has been quoted in its entirety.

What a summer! It felt great to finally be back home in Munich, but I’ll never forget the last couple of months.. Between the US national team training camp, the World Cup in Brazil and the US Tour it was a period I’ll never forget. Don’t get me wrong, I really like traveling and wouldn’t miss a single day of this exciting summer, but there is no place like home.

Overall, the tour was a lot of fun but it was hard work as well. We had a tough schedule, a lot of intensive training sessions, events with sponsors and so on. But we had a great time overall as a team. The training conditions were fantastic and the interest in soccer was truly amazing. You can definitely tell that the sport is growing fast in the US from the tour.

It wasn’t the first time I’ve experienced the country’s passion for soccer either. I saw and felt it during my time with the US national team as well. It was great to see all the Americans going crazy over the sport then like they do in Europe and it was fantastic to see that happen again with Bayern Munich, a German club. To experience that and get to meet some of the fans was simply awesome!

Honestly, every day in America was special. Bayern really did a great job planning the tour. One of the biggest highlights for me personally, though, was New York. It’s just such a cool city! There are millions of people and there is nothing you can’t find or do in that city. I like the busy atmosphere and all the skyscrapers. We took part in a boat trip and had a fantastic view of the city skyline. Portland was a bit smaller and easier to get around. In comparison, there seemed to be more interest in soccer in Portland than New York, but both were great experiences.

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Adios, Toni Kroos!

Following the transfer of Toni Kroos, one of FC Bayern’s top young talents to Real Madrid, a competitor on the European stage, it is worth looking at some of the reasons for his sudden but not entirely unexpected transfer.

Kroos has been an integral part of FC Bayern’s dominance of domestic and World Football, and was a key member of the recent German World Cup win; however there have always been rumours of contract disputes and potential transfers away from Bayern. Continue reading