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Müller, the second biggest player in the world

Yes, you read that right. Bayern Munich’s Müller is the second biggest player in the world. But we’re not talking about skills or popularity here, but rather about height. And no, it’s obviously not Thomas Müller we’re talking about but a reserve goalkeeper that goes by the name of Daniel Müller.

Daniel Müller was born in Munich on 19th May 1992. At just 19 years of age and a low-profile career to-date, it is no wonder that you have probably never heard of him. Back in June of 2011, FC Bayern II announced the goalkeeper’s capture from SC Fürstenfeldbruck, a club that plays in the Landesliga Bayern-Süd, the 6th tier of the German football league system. Fürstenfeldbruck is a town in Bavaria that lies halfway between Munich and Augsburg.

Daniel Müller, the Bavarian giant

Daniel Müller (right), the Bavarian giant

When Daniel Müller had to choose a shirt number, he went for #25, the same number currently occupied by Thomas Müller in the senior squad. But while Thomas had broken into the first team as a 19-year old, Daniel Müller has not managed any appearances for the disappointing FC Bayern II in his first half-season.

Daniel Müller’s contract with the Bayern Munich reserves expires in June 2013, so while he has some time left to make an impact, he can still turn heads right now. At 2.05m (6’9″) tall, Daniel Müller is the second tallest player in the world, a title he can share with Chinese striker Yang Changpeng (though Wikipedia questionably has him down as 2.12m) and Croatian goalkeeper Vanja Iveša. The confirmed tallest footballer in the world is Kristof van Hout, a Belgian goalkeeper.

Kristof van Hout, the tallest footballer in the world

Kristof van Hout, the tallest footballer in the world

Kristof van Hout, Belgian goalkeeper, plays for K.V. Kortrijk

Daniel Müller, German goalkeeper, plays for FC Bayern München II
Yang Changpeng, Chinese striker, plays for Chengdu Blades
Vanja Iveša, Belgian goalkeeper, plays for Eskişehirspor

Tor Hogne Aarøy, Norwegian striker, plays for JEF United
Øyvind Hoås, Norwegian striker, plays for Sarpsborg 08 FF

Out of FC Bayern’s last senior goalkeepers, Manuel Neuer is 1.94m tall, Hans-Jörg Butt is 1.91m tall, Oliver Kahn and Michael Rensing are 1.88m tall, while Thomas Kraft and Bernd Dreher are 1.87m tall. And, in case you’re wondering, Jan Koller (former Borussia Dortmund striker) is 2.02m tall whilst Peter Crouch is “only” 2.01m tall.

FC Bayern II team photo

No prizes for guessing who Daniel Müller is from FC Bayern II’s 2011/2012 team photo

BayernForum.com permanent player discussion page: http://www.bayernforum.com/personnel-f8/daniel-mueller-t7553.html

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  • quaazi says:

    Hmh. I knew he was tall (2.02 according to FM12… where he has failed to impress completely), but that tall? In fact I had kinda assumed there were a lot more tall goalies like that.

    • MUTU says:

      That’s strange, because I just checked my Football Manager 2012 and it says that his height is 205cm tall. To answer your question, yes he’s THAT tall, and I was surprised when I found out as well.

      As for tall goalkeepers, most of the tall sportsmen opt to play basketball. There are tall goalkeepers, but not all top goalkeepers are tall either. Daniel Mueller is a whopping 17cm taller than Oliver Kahn.

  • MaCk0y says:

    That Belgian goalkeeper is scary!

  • tflags says:

    Nice article. Quite a break from the customary words of Bayern related issues.

  • MoFattal says:

    hahahaha @ Dale Jennings vs. Daniel Muller 😀

    • MUTU says:

      In Maltese there is an expression which can be loosely translated in English to say that Daniel Mueller can eat from on top of Dale Jennings’ head 🙂

  • schweini31 says:

    a secret giant on Reserve team?

    • MUTU says:

      Welcome to the blog/forum, schweini31 🙂

      Well, he’s not really a secret anymore now, is he?

  • Robb3449 says:

    Is the Chinese striker, Yang, any good?