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Mario Gomez vs Filippo Inzaghi

Inzaghi was criticized by many

Inzaghi was criticized by many

Filippo Inzaghi is considered a true club legend by A.C. Milan fans. Hated by many for his poaching style and his constant offside positions, no one would argue that he was a provider of many goals. Alex Ferguson, Manchester United coach, once said “that lad must have been born offside”. Johan Cruyff went a step further by suggesting that Super Pippo “can’t play football at all — he just knows how to get in the right place.”

Gomez is disliked by many

Gomez is also disliked by many

Much like Inzaghi, FC Bayern’s Mario Gomez is also a poacher, and he’s also disliked by rival fans. But, unlike Inzaghi, Gomez also keeps getting flak from some Bayern Munich supporters. The problem probably lies with the all-important first impression. In his first season at Bayern, Gomez scored a measly ten goals in the Bundesliga and 1 goal in the UEFA Champions League, all of them before Valentine’s Day 2010. However, since last season, Gomez has almost-literally exploded. Can Super Mario be compared to the great Filippo Inzaghi?

The key to comparing poachers is fairly easy: how often do they score goals? The job of the poacher is to beat the offside trap and score, or else to be there at the right place at the right time in order to tap the ball home. So let’s delve into the players’ stats with their current clubs (A.C. Milan and FC Bayern):

Filippo Inzaghi’s statistics with A.C. Milan

Season League matches League mins League goals CL matches CL mins CL goals Mins per league goal Mins per CL goal
2001/2002 20 1755 10 176
2002/2003 30 2433 17 14 1096 10 143 110
2003/2004 14 946 3 8 529 2 315 265
2004/2005 11 455 0 2 90 1 No goals 90
2005/2006 23 1428 12 6 396 4 119 99
2006/2007 20 1067 2 10 669 4 534 167
2007/2008 21 1322 11 5 348 4 120 87
2008/2009 26 1418 13 109
2009/2010 24 757 2 7 293 2 379 147
2010/2011 6 183 2 3 50 2 92 25
2011/2012 5 36 0 No goals
Total 200 11800 72 55 3471 29 164 120

Mario Gomez’s statistics with Bayern Munich

Season League matches League mins League goals CL matches CL mins CL goals Mins per league goal Mins per CL goal
2009/2010 29 1939 10 12 470 1 194 470
2010/2011 32 2443 28 8 608 8 87 76
2011/2012 21 1722 18 6 474 6 96 79
Total 82 6104 56 26 1552 15 109 103

From these statistics, it becomes apparent that despite Gomez’s weak first season at Bayern Munich, where he got a reputation for missing a lot of chances, he was so strong last season and this season that it has been enough to overtake Inzaghi’s goal-scoring prolificness at both domestic league (109 minutes per goal against Inzaghi’s 164 minutes per goal) and Champions League (103 minutes per goal against Inzaghi’s 120 minutes per goal) levels.

Is it time to cut Gomez some flak and start giving him the respect he truly deserves? You may not like poachers, but he’s a poacher and he’s poaching at a better rate than the legendary Filippo Inzaghi. His game may not be aesthetically beautiful and perhaps lacking in creativity and flair, but if he keeps scoring at this rate throughout his career he should overtake Inzaghi’s 46 Champions League goals by the time he’s thirty years old.

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  • AvatarX says:

    IMO if we win some silverware with Gomez goals, he will gain a lot of respect. Last year we didn’t win anything, so he should bounce back in good form this year to gain this respect, otherwise stats are only numbers I am afraid…

    I am sure if he stays for a decade and continues to score for us and help us win silverware, he will be accepted among all fans like Inzaghi for Milan fans.

    • MUTU says:

      Well, we were close to winning the treble in his first season. In his second season his teammates let him down because he did score a lot, and this is his third season, and he’s still scoring a lot…