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Imagining that I’m the chairman of Bayern…

. . . and I’m beginning my work without wasting any time in the summer of 2018.

First of all, I’m not extending the contracts of Robben and Ribery.


1. Bernat for around 25-30M; Pep wanted him even before the start of this season, he’ll pay 30M for him anyday;

2. Rudy for 20M; I don’t think that he is Bayern material;

3. Vidal for 40M; There are rumours about him leaving from the start of the season;

4. Lewandowski for 90M; I’m going to deploy a different system for the team;

I’m making around 180M from these transfers + the 40M from Costa = 220M;

Loan out: Renato probably to Benfica or similar team; I’m cutting Felix Götze and Wriedt from the first team to open space; Dorsh is leaving anyway.


1. Alex Telles for the LB, from Porto; price around 20-25M; 4 goals and 18 assists in 42 games; 25 years old; fast, technical and with good vision;

2. Lucas Tousart for the DM, from Lyon; price around 35-40M; 20 years old; he is the copy of Claude Makelele; A pure DM to rotate with Javi;

3. Malcom for the RW, from Bordeaux; price around 70M; 9 goals, 7 assists in 34 games; 21 years old; One of my favourite players; Winger for the future;

4. Ryan Sessegnon for the LW, LM and LB; price around 35-40M; 15 goals, 6 assists in 47 games; 17 years old; Playing for the England U21 team; He’s ready for the next step; A lot of noise around him, since he is currently the most expensive 17-year-old player on the Earth.

They cost me: around 175-180M; also I’m paying the 40M for James = 220M;

For now, 6 out and 4 in; I’m going to pay the money for de Ligt (18) and Arp (18) to fill the squad – 25-30M; So after all, we’re minus 30M, but I don’t really care. 🙂

In this way, we’re going to have almost 3 choices on every position, but there I think differently than most of the people. I said that I’m going to change the system.

Why ? Because I will integrate Gnabry in the Roberto Firmino role in Liverpool. In my eyes, he is the perfect guy to try something similar with. Don’t forget we’ve got Wagner on the bench, so we can play depending on the situation with different striker. Also, Coman and Malcom are the perfect fit for such a gameplan.

I do not understand why we’re not integrating a pure DM in our team. We all know what Javi’s injury history, and how important is the position for the overall-good-teamplay, so I’m going to steal Tousart from the other grands, guaranteeing him a starting position after 2 years.

Telles is the Brazil clone of Alaba (less injury prone) and sure, the latter will be under pressure for his place for most of the year. And, the last piece of my new team will be Sessegnon. He is showing all the things that you can ask from a classy 22-23 year old midfielder. He is playing in 3 positions, he is backing all the hype surrounding him and it’s looking like the new Mbappe. There is no way that I’m going to miss him.

I’m getting one 17yo player, two 18yo. The other ones – 20, 21 and the oldest one is 25. 3 of the best talents in the World, 2 promising players and one more experienced player. Since we already have Kimmich (23), Coman (21), Tolisso (23), Gnabry (22), Goretzka (23), Süle (22) it’s really looking like this team can play together for 5-6-7 years. But, DON’T forget – we’ve got enough experienced players still in the team – Neuer, Hummels, Boateng, Alaba, Rafinha, Martinez, Thiago, Müller, James, Wagner.

Where can I apply for the job, and will you guys support me in my work? 😛

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  • Dumbledore7 says:

    Some good shouts. I completely agree with the your idea of the system.

    Sessegnon is the real deal and already good enough to threaten Alaba, so I’m not sure Telles is needed. I think Sessegnon is good enough to deputise for / compete against both Alaba and Coman on our left side.

    Also not sure if selling Lewandowski without replacing him with someone who can reach the same level is worth the risk. I realise Gnabry and Wagner are good enough for most games, but I’ll still take someone like Werner, or keep Lewandowski entirely. I like the prospect of Gnabry, but by all accounts he’s still unproven.

    I agree with your view on the DM situation, but am not a fan of Tousart. I would much prefer Amadou Diawara from Napoli for the same price.

    Lastly, I believe we don’t need to pay for James this summer. Maybe wrong though.

    Slight tweaking from your idea:

    1. Bernat for around 25-30M
    2. Rudy for 20M
    3. Vidal for 40M
    4. Costa for 40M
    5. Lewandowski for 90M
    Total 220M

    Amadou Diaware for around 35-40M
    Malcom around 70M
    Ryan Sessegnon for 35-40M
    Timo Werner for 70M
    De Ligt for 30M
    Total 250M

    30M deficit, pay for James next season.

    • IsiahRashad says:

      Thank you for the warm words ! 🙂
      I’m glad to hear that there are some “awake” people, having ideas similar to mine.

      I was thinking to integrate Sessegnon at every position availible on the left side (LW,LM,LB); The idea of having him is that he can replace both of them when they are injured.. and the truth is that they are often injured, so i was thinking that having a complete backups for both of them is not an bad idea. Also, he can be play at the RW when it’s needed, thanks to his unique abilities. This is opening space for Telles.

      I can agree on your point with Werner, in fact – what you said is more likely to happen. I just see Gnabry as the next Firminho. 😛

      For the DM choice, there are a lot of young and perspective guys, Diawara is one of them. The point is that we need young guy learning from Javi for the next 1-2 years.

      • IsiahRashad says:

        “The idea of having him is that he can replace both of them” – i mean Alaba and Coman.

  • Dalv says:

    You forgot one thing: release Ulreich for free!
    I mean, some people at the circus might pay you some money for him, but that’s about it I’m afraid.