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Fabio Capello, you are so funny!

Fabio Capello, the famous Italian trainer who is currently coaching the English national team has launched a scathing attack on the German national team. He has accused the Deutsche Nationalmannschaft of ‘theft’.

Capello told reporters how “Germany had five of Turkish origin who opted to represent them and we all know what happened.”

He then took things further…

“The rest of the German national team players were born in Germany or have never played for the national team of their origin. But with those other five players Turkey could have performed much better.”

Well, well, well, Mr Capello, it seems like you haven’t really done your homework, have you? Let’s take a look at the origins of the German national team players who have recently been called up.

Dennis Aogo — of German and Nigerian descent. Born in West Germany and never lived abroad.

Jérôme Boateng — has a Ghanian father and a German mother. Born in West Germany and lived all his life in Germany with the exception of one year in England whilst playing for Manchester City

Sami Khedira — has a Tunisian father and a German mother. Born in West Germany and lived all his life in Germany until last season when he signed for Real Madrid.

Mesut Özil, 3rd generation German

Mesut Özil — a third generation German, meaning both of his parents lived their whole lifes in Germany. He was also born in West Germany and lived all his life in Germany until last season when he joined Khedira at Real Madrid. Perhaps Fabio Capello’s first Turk.

Lukas Podolski — born in Poland but emigrated to Germany when he was just two years old, where he lived ever since.

Miroslav Klose — born in Poland to an ethnic German father and emigrated to Germany when he was around seven years old. His first youth club was German. He has lived in Germany until last July when he moved to Lazio in Italy.

Cacau — perhaps the least ‘German’ of them all. Born in Brazil and started playing with a youth team in Brazil before getting a senior contract for a club in Munich, back in 1999. All of his senior football was learnt in Germany and he got German citizenship only after spending 10 years living in Germany (as any average person would be able to), where he still does.

Mario Gomez — born in West Germany to a German mother and a Spanish father, and also lived all his life in Germany.

İlkay Gündoğan, Capello's 2nd Turk

İlkay Gündoğan — born in Germany and lived all his life in Germany. Only capped once anyway, in a friendly. Fabio Capello also thinks this player should have played for Turkey perhaps.

So, Fabio, where are the other three Turks? Because you said there were five and I can only count two. If you are at a loss of where they are, don’t worry, I will tell you exactly where the Turks are…

Hakan Balta — born in Germany and had started playing for Hertha Berlin II before moving on to Turkey, aged 20. He is now 28 years old. Capped 36 times for Turkey.

Ömer Toprak — born in West Germany and spent his whole life there. Capped for Turkey despite playing for Germany U19s in the past.

Hamit Altıntop — born in West Germany and spent all of his life in Germany until last July when he moved to Real Madrid. Capped 68 times for Turkey.

Halil Altıntop — Hamit’s twin brother. Obviously also born in West Germany and like Hamit only left Germany last July. Capped 37 times for Turkey.

Gökhan Töre doesn't look so Turkish

Gökhan Töre doesn't look so Turkish

Gökhan Töre — born in Germany and lived all his life in Germany with the exception of two seasons spent with Chelsea’s youth team. At just 19 years of age, he has already been capped 7 times for Turkey.

Mehmet Ekici — born in Germany, where he has lived ever since. He played for Germany U17, U18, U19, U20 and U21 until he finally realized that he should be playing for Turkey instead. Capped 6 times for Turkey.

Nuri Şahin — born in West Germany, where he lived until last July when he joined Real Madrid, the exception being a year on loan to Feyenoord in 2007-2008. He set a record as the youngest player to play in the Bundesliga and later as the youngest goalscorer in the Bundesliga. Capped 26 times for Turkey.

Tunay Torun — born in Germany where he has lived ever since. Capped twice for Turkey.

Cenk Tosun — born in Germany and lived all his life in Germany until last year. Similar to Ekici, he needed to go through Germany U16, U17, U18, U19, U20 and U21 until he realized he should be playing for Turkey. This year he was placed 16th in a FIFA list for Europe’s Most Promising Young Players. Hasn’t been capped yet but has been called up by Turkey.

Serdar Kesimal — born in Germany and spent twenty years living there. Two years ago he moved to Turkey and he has been capped 6 times for Turkey.

If this is not enough for Mr Capello, I’d like to take a look at what the national team of his country of origin is doing.

Mauro Camoranesi — born in Argentina, spent some 24 years living there, but after just 3 years playing in Italy he was called up to the Italian national team.

Thiago Motta — somewhat similarly to Camoranesi, born in Brazil and spent 17 years there, playing for Brazil U17. He then moved to Spain where he spent 9 years. During this time in Spain, he played for Brazil U23 in the 2003 CONCACAF Gold Cup but missed the 2004 CONMEBOL Men Pre-Olympic Tournament due to injuries. In 2008, he moved to Italy and after just 3 years there he started playing for the Italian national team.

Pablo Daniel Osvaldo — born in Argentina where he spent some 20 years, moved to Italy for some 4 years, then off to Spain for a year and a half, and finally back to Italy from this season and started playing for the Italian national team. Interestingly, he represented Italy U21 just a year after he had been living in Italy.

Raimundo Orsi, capped 12 times for Argentina before scoring for Italy in the 1934 World Cup Final

Of course, I won’t even mention players from past Italian teams, especially the Italian national team that won the 1934 World Cup, of which some six players hailed from Argentina and were the key players in the squad, scoring goals in the semifinal and final.

You would think that in this day and age, with so much information freely and easily available, people in the limelight would have a big responsibility to do some research of their own before they start pointing their fingers at others. It took me all of half an hour to do the research on the internet. It really is not a big deal. Shame on you, Fabio Capello!

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  • quaazi says:

    Expecting a bit much from Capello, don’t you think? The man’s a clown, you know.

    • MUTU says:

      Well, I expect responsible behaviour from him for starters…

  • AvatarX says:

    He doesn’t even worth a response.

    Maybe he thought that all the players scored those goals in 4-1 where all Turkish 😛

    Let’s see:
    Muller, 2 goals (he must have a Turkish vein somewhere really hidden).

    • ojasmhatre says:

      Muller must have eaten a turkey before the game 😛 JK

    • MUTU says:

      Germany scored 4 goals with 1 player on the field with Turkish origins. I wonder what the scoreline would have been like if Germany had played 5 players of Turkish origin, as Capello implies that Germany do 😀

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    I knew that all our players were somehow connected to Germany, unlike players like Thiago Motta. Even I thought that some of our players were more “foreign” than they really are though. Now I can understand better why they all chose to play for Germany 🙂

    • MUTU says:

      My point wasn’t that Germany WASN’T stealing Turkish players, but rather that Turkey have stolen a lot of players who should have played for Germany. I just mentioned 10 players who have recently been called up, but there are others including the retired legend Yıldıray Baştürk who spent his whole life in Germany, except for playing 1 game for Blackburn Rovers last year.

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    Most of the players you mentioned, with the exception of perhaps Klose, would qualify more as Germans than Turks or Polish though, and so do the Turks you mentioned.

  • RAGHU says:

    nothing more than frustration…….. he has NO PLAYERS in his team….

    • MUTU says:

      Well, he does have players, but a number of whom have non-English origin, but Capello finds no problem in playing them. His comments were borderline racist.

  • RAGHU says:

    why he is not speaking about baloteli,Osvaldo,Thiago Motta in italian squad, wellback in english side, hargreaves in past…..

  • dambun says:

    Excellent job Mutu…. Well done….
    Capello is a ridiculous idiot… no doubt about it…

    • MUTU says:

      No, you’re wrong. He’s not a “ridiculous” idiot…

      … he’s actually a very good one 😀

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    Now goal.com has caught up on this too:


    • MUTU says:

      In fact I personally notified Clark Whitney (the goal.com author) about our article. I guess he liked it so much he took on the idea and built on it.

      So now goal.com are copying BayernForum.com 🙂

      • FCBayernMunchen says:

        Hahaha that’s great 😀

  • shpati_L1 says:

    MUTU you are a legend ! 🙂

  • MUTU says:

    In 3 hours’ time, 4 players born in Germany are poised to make their NT debuts, for Turkey U21 against Germany U21.