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Mia San Mia (We Are Who We Are)

Tactical permutations and all that jazz

With the Bundesliga opener a week away, it looks like it is time to start wondering how our team is going to play this season. In the transfer market, we’ve bolstered our team with the signing of Xherdan Shaqiri, Claudio Pizarro, Mario Mandzukic, Dante, Mitchell Weiser and Tom Starke. Finally, the signing of the Athletic Bilbao midfielder Javi Martinez seems to be bogged in semantics in negotiations, yet very close to being completed, so this article will be written on the assumption that Martinez will be wearing all red by Monday.

(note: Neuer is left out of this discussion because he simply… is) Continue reading

Looking ahead to the future

Another season is over. The dream of reaching the home Champions League final in Munich was achieved, but a happy ending was not meant to be. To add insult to injury, Bayern finished as runners-up in all competitions they played in this year.

This means that Bayern have now gone trophy-less for two seasons in a row, something which hasn’t happened for exactly twenty years. Bayern did not win any titles in 1990/1, then again in 1991/2 and made it three in a row a year later. Continue reading


Okay, lads and lasses, we’re not all going to die. Nor did our team suddenly become like Kaiserslautern or something. But there is plenty to be learned from yesterday’s Pokal match, and plenty that it gives perspective to. Let’s dive right in, shall we?

The most prevalent stance in the last 12 hours among the plebs of the internet has been bewilderment as to how could Bayern win the Champions League after a performance such as yesterday. With all the alarmism of Daily Mail-reading housewives, even our own flock has taken to this line of thought. But there are a fair few key points that are cause for plenty optimism ahead of the big ol’ game in a weeks time. Continue reading

TFlags’ Photoshopped picture of the week: Losing all hope

Bayern Munich lost all hopes for the 2011-2012 German Bundesliga title yesterday after a 0-2 defeat at the BayArena against Bayer Leverkusen. Bayern Munich fans cannot feel anything but disappointment on what can be described as an unlucky turn of events. The game which put us 7 points behind Bundesliga leaders Dortmund (and quite possibly on the table’s third place depending on Borussia Mönchengladbach’s results today) will be analyzed over and over again. Fingers will be pointed, drastic and not so drastic cries for change will be called for.

Whatever courses of action the Club takes this point onward, if any, no one can deny our need to recover, sober up, and look at our targets ahead. We have a difficult match against FC Basel to settle scores in the UEFA Champions League and a tough trip to Gladbach in the Pokal’s semifinals. Those are serious challenges on our road to Munich and Berlin respectively. Continue reading

Why the 4-6-0 could work with our current squad

The 4-6-0 formation is rare. The idea of having a formation with no strikers does not appeal to most clubs, although Barcelona are doing something similar (in a different way) by playing Messi as a false nine. However I do think that Bayern Munich have the right players to make this work. These are the main advantages we would gain from playing such a system. I believe they would help us overcome our troubles against defensive-minded teams, and also get rid of our predictability. Continue reading