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Who is Bayern’s Most Effective Striker of the Last Decade?

It has often been argued which type of striker suits Bayern most. While some prefer the ruthless goal scorer we see when Mario Gomez finishes off his team’s work in opportunistic style, others prefer the all round play and dribbling of Giovane Elber while still others enjoy the relentless hard running and passion of Ivica Olic. In the end, the most important thing for the team is that the striker being fielded actually scores. Few would argue that Mario Gomez is more skilled all-round than Miroslav Klose or Claudio Pizarro in their primes, in fact, most fans are exasperated at the clumsiness that Gomez often shows on the ball. Continue reading

2001: A Space Odyssey

The unfortunate events of the last few seasons have had many nostalgic Bayern fans looking back to better times. Times when the Rekordmeister was raking in the trophies and glory, times when Europe’s finest trembled at the name “Bayern”, times when legends were born. While many have accused the current squad of lacking aggression, winning mentality, hunger and, well, balls, the class of 2001 is now lauded for having those exact same things. Bayern fans today yearn for the days of Kahn, Scholl and Effenberg, despite the abundance of riches that strut their stuff weekly at the Allianz Arena. Below is a little trip back to that magical season of 2000/2001. Continue reading

Happy Birthday Frank Gray – An Analysis of the European Champions Cup Final of 1975

Happy Birthday Frank Gray

An Analysis of the European Champions Cup Final of 1975

“Happy Birthday Frank Who?”, you may ask. Well, let me explain.

Frank Gray

Frank Gray in his Leeds United kit

Frank Gray was born on the 27th of October 1954 in Castlemilk, a southern suburb of Glasgow, Scotland. Little is known of his youth or his life outside of football, except that he spent most of his playing and managerial career in the shadow of his older brother, acclaimed Scottish international and Leeds United icon Eddie Gray. This, of course, and coupled with the fact that Frank, too, played for Leeds United, must have sparked inferiority complexes inside of him. Inferiority complexes that should ultimately lead to outbursts of rage, violence and an insatiable lust for blood. Continue reading