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Euro 2020 Prediction Game

Euro 2020 Prediction Game Point System:

Game Points

Points for correct score 3 (For example predict 3-0 and the result is 3-0 award 3 points)
Points for guessing a draw 3 (For example predict 2-2 and the result is 1-1 award 3 points)
Wrong score but predicted a win 2 (For example predict 1-0 and the result is 2-0 award 2 points)

Points above are not cumulative, for example predict 2-2 and the result is 2-2, you gain 3 points, NOT 4 points

Bonus points
Points for correct number of goals 1 (For example predict 3-0 and the result is 3-1 award extra 1 points)
Points for correct goal difference 1 (For example predict 5-3 and the result is 3-1 award extra 1 points)

Bonus points are cumulative.

The prediction is for the final score, not only 90 minutes. So, if for example the final vs Italy ends 2-2, goes to extra time (no goals) and penalties (5-4 in our favor) the correct prediction would be Germany – Italy 7-6. Same goes for Cup games, or knockout rounds. It is more difficult to predict the final score, but I am pretty sure that even then someone may have predict it right.

Also in case of a tie breaker between players, the one with the most absolute correct predictions (6 points) wins it.


Euro 2020 Prediction Ranking

Users Predictions:

Euro 2020 Users Predictions

Euro Teams Ranking Table:

Euro 2020 Teams Ranking Table

No matches available in this championship.

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