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How Does Our Bundesliga Season Compare Statistically with Past Seasons?


Now that our Bundesliga season is over, it is time for careful reflection on it and what it means for Bayern. I’ve chosen to focus this analysis almost solely on expected goals data. You have probably heard of Expected goals(xG) by now, but if you haven’t, it is simply a method to estimate the number of goals you should score based on the number and quality of the shots you take. There are a number of limitations to this statistic, but, because it is much less dependent on luck than goals, it remains one of the best ways to compare teams with teams and seasons with seasons.  I’ve decided to use it here because I think a combination of luck and bad finishing have served to obscure some interesting trends over this season and over the last few seasons. Thus, I’ve pulled expected goals statistics for the last few seasons from Understat, which has expected goals data for every Bundesliga season since the beginning of 2014/15.

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