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Breno’s wife: “There were a lot of lies in the media”

Renata and Breno

Renata and Breno

Renata Borges is a shy lady: when BayernForum.com approached her for an interview, the wife of recently-imprisoned former FC Bayern defender Breno explained to us in her native Portuguese that she does not give any interviews, because she is scared of the media who she feels are not portraying the truth. However, nobody says no to an interview with BayernForum.com, so we are bringing you this highly exclusive interview!

Breno is currently serving a three year and nine month jail sentence for arson, having been pronounced guilty of burning his villa last year. An appeal is still pending to be heard. But enough of the past, let’s hear what his lovely wife has to say!

BayernForum.com: How are you feeling during these difficult times?

Renata: I’m feeling very sad. I imagine that every person in the same situation would feel the same way. My family is destroyed, my husband is in jail and everything is a disaster. He is a wonderful human being and an amazing father and husband. My kids and I love him a lot.

BayernForum.com: Are people sympathetic or do you sometimes get nasty comments from strangers?

Renata: The people who truly know us are on our side; we have a beautiful family and don’t deserve what is happening.

BayernForum.com: Do you feel guilty in a way for what happened?

Renata: No, why should I feel guilty? There were a lot of lies in the media and we received the advice to not give any interviews so we never told the truth, but one day Breno will tell his own story.

BayernForum.com: What message would you tell a depressed footballer?

Renata: I’m not the best person to send any message because I feel very sad. But I think any footballer should feel happy about his professional life or it is a problem.

BayernForum.com: Are you hopeful that your husband’s sentence will be reduced?

Renata: Yes, I am.

BayernForum.com: Will you be going back to Brazil with your family, or will you remain in Germany?

Renata: I want to remain here in Germany with my family. I will only go back to Brazil with my husband, but until that day I will be here next to him so I can give him my support.

Happier times: Breno celebrates with Zé Roberto

Happier times: Breno celebrates with Zé Roberto

BayernForum.com: Will Breno be able to play football regularly in prison?

Renata: He is training for an hour a day.

BayernForum.com: Did the media exaggerate some details?

Renata: Yes. I want to thank the Bayern fans and friends for their support which keeps us alive during these bad moments.

Thank you Renata for this short and sweet interview! Good luck with the appeal! Hopefully your husband will be back playing football sooner rather than later.

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  • MoFattal says:

    Nice! Good work MUTU.

  • BayernLove says:

    Good work 🙂

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    Excellent work! It’s really nice that they know that us as fans are behind them, even if Breno never was a key player for Bayern.

  • MUTU says:

    Thanks guys, appreciated!

  • brickwall281 says:

    Nice work man

  • tflags says:

    Good job getting through to her. I can imagine it was a tough assignment. T.

  • lau03143 says:

    Brilliant to get a few questions answered from her and it’s surprising that she agreed to do it.

    But at the end of the day, he was found guilty in a court of law, for potentially endangering the lives of the fire fighters who went to put out the fire and the general public.

    Whether he should have been committed or given some sort of community service with therapy is another matter and probably the main issue here as he clearly had more problems than what we could see being reported.

    It’s tough for her undoubtedly.

  • RAGHU says:

    great work man!!!!

  • walter says:

    Great work, Mutu.