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TFlags’ Photoshopped picture of the week: Losing all hope

Bayern Munich lost all hopes for the 2011-2012 German Bundesliga title yesterday after a 0-2 defeat at the BayArena against Bayer Leverkusen. Bayern Munich fans cannot feel anything but disappointment on what can be described as an unlucky turn of events. The game which put us 7 points behind Bundesliga leaders Dortmund (and quite possibly on the table’s third place depending on Borussia Mönchengladbach’s results today) will be analyzed over and over again. Fingers will be pointed, drastic and not so drastic cries for change will be called for.

Whatever courses of action the Club takes this point onward, if any, no one can deny our need to recover, sober up, and look at our targets ahead. We have a difficult match against FC Basel to settle scores in the UEFA Champions League and a tough trip to Gladbach in the Pokal’s semifinals. Those are serious challenges on our road to Munich and Berlin respectively. Continue reading

Back to Square Three

A Champions League preview

Ladies and gents, the Heynckes vs van Gaal discussion is just about starting. For all the hoopla the Heynckes regime has brought, we are now standing on shaky grounds. Bayern Munich lost not only its pole position in the Bundesliga; it now sits in third place after losing two valuable points against the rock bottom club in the league. The loss meant the team now trails Borussia Mönchengladbach, a team that had to fight relegation last season. FC Bayern looked all but beatable at the year’s end, now the team just seems to be scratching to find back its mojo. Continue reading

TFlags’ Photoshopped picture of the week

Looks like Thomas Müller’s goal scoring record this year has finally taken off, and quite appropriately so. After an equivalent of 13 games without a single goal, the midfielder/striker was quite pleased with the feat, expressing to a reporter: “I was surprised at jumping so high and scoring against three defenders.” (Loosely translated by Google.)

We just hope that this ‘off to a flying start‘ record doesn’t land anytime soon and Thomas re-lives his 2010 days. To commemorate the the event, we have prepared a picture of the week – do kindly find it after the jump. Continue reading

Angering the fans

FC Bayern Munich published today in its main web site AND on its Facebook wall, news that the team had signed a “spectacular” player for the “offensive area.” The signing, the news posts read, was to be announced at a press conference at 2 pm, CET. The countdown to the scheduled conference was already running.

That was enough to make all hell break loose.

Speculation ran rampant for the few minutes it took users to get hold of the news and jump to their accustomed forums. Names like Shaqiri, Tevez, Berbatov (well, not actually), Farfán, among others appeared as the possible signings. Then the craze over who was Cup tied added to the frenzy. What a glorious day this would be fans wrote; a day Gomez would have a new back up, a ‘spectacular’ back up! People couldn’t wait for the conference; some fans even promising to change scheduled flights in order to catch the news firsthand. Now who in the world would change a flight for a thing like this? Other than myself I mean.

Continue reading

TFlags’ Photoshopped picture of the week: Breno

Setting the Record Straight.

A parody, by TFlags.

Following a tumultous week, in which our Brazilian Center Back (the dedicated one) issued some positive comments about his current employer, he then managed to cause yet a second firestorm, again out of the blue, by posting an unexpected message using his own personal account in social network site Twitter. ‘… the team is messing with me’ read the now infamous twitt; shortly thereafter confirming he did post thy message himself. He said the message was in relation to him being played in the second team at FCB; something he resented the team learned the Twitter way. Continue reading