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Mia San Mia (We Are Who We Are)

Champions League Cook-Off: Round Two

Following the success of our first Champions League Cook-Off, BayernForum’s two cooking maestros – Dumbledore7 and #12 – have decided to take on each other once more. Inspired by Bayern’s trip to Madrid for the first leg of the UEFA Champions League semi-final, they have decided to produce a dish inspired by a mixture of Spanish and German cuisine. Read on to see they’ve come up with, but be warned… you’ll be feeling hungry by the end of it. Continue reading

What the fans say: Nein to false nine

The results of BayernForum.com’s first ever Monthly Poll are in, and while the difference between the two leading options is only slight, one conclusion can be drawn: the fans do not want Bayern to radically change into a strikerless team.

The question asked was: Do you think Bayern have played better with or without Mandžukić this season? 50% of the voters (9 users) said it made no difference, while 44% of the voters (8 users) voted With Mandžukić. Only 1 voter felt that Bayern are better off playing without a real striker. Continue reading

Is Financial Fair Play truly football’s Messiah?

In August of 2012, Sir Alex Ferguson stated that “the game’s [football] gone mad”, referring to the insane amounts of money being thrown around by clubs today. A year later, the situation is even worse. Last summer Real Madrid famously broke the world record transfer fee by paying around €100 million to acquire the services of Gareth Bale. Regarding this transfer, one could extend Ferguson’s statement to “humanity has gone mad”. This is because in order to pay this abnormal fee, Real Madrid took a loan from a failing bank bailed out by the European Union (EU). Continue reading