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Are Bayern Munich already in the Champions League Quarterfinals?

In our previous article, we wrote about the troubles that FC Sion have with FIFA, and how that may lead to FC Bayern’s opponents FC Basel being eliminated from the Champions League, and we mentioned two possible outcomes, either Bayern Munich getting a walkover or else Manchester United replacing Basel. Now, it has just started to get more interesting for Bayern Munich fans, and we bring you not one but two reasons for this.

Reason 1 – Ukraine

Last year, Ukraine faced a similar problem. Fortunately for the good of the beautiful game, no one was punished because an agreement was reached. However, most importantly, at the time UEFA had threatened that it would eliminate Ukranian clubs WITHOUT calling up replacements, i.e. handing their opponents wins without a match actually taking place.

Therefore, if an agreement is not reached this time round with the Swiss Football Association, UEFA would not be fair to call Manchester United to replace Basel, but would probably have their hands tied and be forced to give FC Bayern free passage to the Champions League quarterfinals.

Of course, I wouldn’t put all my money on this happening, because I am convinced that UEFA would do everything in their powers to try and reinstate Manchester United, knowing that they would end up making much more money this way.

Reason 2 – CAS

The Court of Arbitration for Sport may ring a bell to FC Bayern fans. Indeed, it was the CAS who refused to consider Bayern Munich’s appeal for Franck Ribery’s extremely harsh three match suspension to be reduced, costing the player to miss the Champions League final against Inter Milan. Perhaps by coincedence, the president of CAS is an Italian hailing from Milan, raising more than a few eyebrows amongst the Bayern faithful.

Swiss Football League President Grimm and Gilleron President of the Swiss Football Association

Swiss FA's Gilleron (right) is under stress

Ironically, it is now the CAS that may come to Bayern’s rescue. The Swiss FA president Peter Gilleron was quoted as saying that “the decision, to punish Sion with forfeits, could also be a case of the Court of Arbitration for Sport.” It is now expected that Basel will launch a last-minute appeal with CAS. If such an appeal is done, this will take the CAS some time to process, and by the time a decision is taken, Basel would have played at least their first leg against Bayern, and Switzerland would have probably played their high profile friendly against Argentina on 29th February (yes, 2012 is a leap year).

The turning point of the match: Rafael tugs at Ribery and gets sent off

Turning Point: Rafael fouls Ribery and gets sent off

If Switzerland do not want to comply with FIFA’s demands, which they don’t seem to for the time being, it would be in their interest to go down the CAS route to buy time for Basel and the national team. What this comes down to is that if FC Basel would eliminate FC Bayern and the Court of Arbitration for Sport rule against the Swiss FA, it wouldn’t be the Red Devils making a comeback in the Champions League after being eliminated, but it would be the “typical Germans” instead. Yes, just as Celtic ended up playing in the UEFA Europa League after being eliminated by Sion, similarly it could be FC Bayern playing in the quarterfinals after being eliminated by Basel, not that I wish for the latter to happen.

It is looking indeed very likely that we will see FC Bayern München written on a slip of paper and contained in one the balls used during UEFA’s Champions League quarterfinal draws in Nyon on 16th March 2012. Now, where’s that money I wrote about earlier? I have a bet to make…

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  • sch0ll7 says:

    Great article…

    But I doubt anything will come out of this. Basel will surely play against us.
    If UEFA kicked them out and promote us to quarter finals it would be stupid to do something like that and it would only make things worse for us.

    Imagine all the matchday revenue we get from CL match at Allianz Arena..and few other things that we would benefit from:)

    If we won the CL everyone would say we were helped by UEFA:)

  • Aequitas1987 says:

    Nothings going to come off it.

    Its going to be another opportunity for Shaqiri to shine in the big stage at the end of the day.

  • MUTU says:

    I think you both misunderstood my 2nd from last paragraph. Basically if the Swiss FA uses the CAS route to buy time, we will play Basel and if we beat them we would go through to QFs, but if we lose against them, then we would still have a chance if the CAS rules against the Swiss FA.

    Edit: I have now edited the article, so that it’s more obvious what I meant.

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    You just mentioned the two possibilities I least want. I definitely don’t want to go through without playing. It would be stupid, unfair, and if we end up winning the thing it won’t seem that nice. And of course, I also don’t want Basel to beat us fair and square, and having us replacing them just because of the doings of other things. My first preference is to have the normal tie against Basel, but if that isn’t going to happen then I want to play Man United. I’d rather we play them and they eliminate us, as painful as that would be.

    • MUTU says:

      Perhaps. It would be stupid to get eliminated and then keep on playing. If we’d win the CL everyone would say we didn’t deserve it. But it’s still better than nothing I guess…

      Just to point out that the article is not based on what I would like to happen, but on what I think could/might happen.