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EXCLUSIVE Interview with Anatoliy Tymoshchuk

Anatoliy TymoshchukFollowing the success of BayernForum.com’s first interview with FC Bayern’s Ukrainian defensive midfielder Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, we have held a second interview with the same player. A while ago, BayernForum.com users had a chance to submit questions of their liking and they were grouped up and sent to Anatoliy, to which he has generously replied.

BayernForum.com: What are your thoughts about the training camp in Qatar and the visit to India?
Tymoshchuk: There was good weather in Qatar, as for me, one of the best conditions for the trainings ever, when we are talking about the quality of the trainings fields and the infrastructure. After Qatar we moved to India for the friendly match. Our team was better than national team of India, we have won without any problems. I think the football is not on the top positions in India, they are more interested in cricket and polo. Anyway, we are satisfied to meet with FC Bayern fans all over the Earth. Everything was very good, despite the long trip to India and come back to Munich.

BayernForum.com: How do you feel about your contract probably being automatically extended for one season? Do you see think you might stay even further than that?
Tymoshchuk: I think we can talk about it when the provision of contract about the prolongation is in force. I am focused on FC Bayern and coming matches, I think more news about my future we will have not early than summer.

Tymoshchuk plans on becoming a coach?

Tymo plans on becoming a coach?

BayernForum.com: Do you see yourself one day as a coach/manager after you retire from active playing football?
Tymoshchuk: Yes, sometimes I think about it, and I am focused to link my life with sport and football, particularly. Nobody knows what way will be chosen: coach, manager, but I am sure that I will work in the sport. But it is too early to ask this question, because I am going to play football some years and I don’t plan to finish my career.

BayernForum.com: What aspect of being a midfielder do you enjoy more – attacking or defending? Is it more fun to take shots at goal or putting in a vital tackle to win the ball from the opponent?
Tymoshchuk: I enjoy playing football, despite this is training game or official game, every training session I spend with the passion and positive attitude. First of all my duties on the field are to make what my coach demands. When we talk about the comparison of attacking and defensive role in football, I take no less satisfaction of defensive work on the field than attacking role.

BayernForum.com: Do you ever see yourself playing alongside both Gustavo and Schweinsteiger in a 4-3-3? If not, how is your relationship with Luiz Gustavo, given that you’re rivals for a spot in the team next to Schweinsteiger?
Tymoshchuk: We have good and warm relations with all the players in the team; we have positive atmosphere and good team spirit inside. I don’t think that we are playing 4-3-3 in coming future with me, Bastian and Luiz in the middle. This is possible just in emergency, when some players are injured or can’t take part in the game. First of all we need to show our best football which attracts the fans and brings us success and points in the Bundesliga and CL.

BayernForum.com: You have a tendency to go for a well timed slide tackle more often than not, 90% of the time you win the ball comfortably with a smooth tackle, sometimes it gets you into trouble. What is it that allows you to be so accurate with the slide tackle, do you think its simply experience or gut instinct?
Tymoshchuk: The experience is very important, but you should also pay an attention to desire to execute hard work, skills to tackle, intuition and instinct. You can’t avoid all of these qualities to be successful in the tackles. I try to count the situation forward and what could be next moves. After you should act fast and fight for the ball. Sometimes the fouls are happened, but I am not focused to make a foul to anybody, just to take-off the ball from the rival.

Tymo felt unjustly red carded

Tymo felt unjustly sent off

BayernForum.com: When Schweinsteiger was injured and the team needed you most, you got sent off easily and banned for 3 matches. You are one of the most experienced players in the team, so what happened there?
Tymoshchuk: I tried to tackle, but the rival fast a bit faster and I didn’t catch the ball. I didn’t try to make damage to the player of Augsburg, but the referee showed me straight red card. I think I didn’t deserve for the red card and be banned for 3 matches, that what I tried to prove twice at the respective Committee of DFB, but they didn’t change their mind. That was my first straight red card in career and so long disqualification, I am not aggressive player as you know, I try to act correctly every time in the tackles and I think this episode will not be repeated.

BayernForum.com: This season with Bayern your distribution of the ball has been excellent. Did you personally work on these skills over the last 6 months or is it that Jupp Heynckes prioritizes moving the ball up the field quicker?
Tymoshchuk: First of all, I try to play according to the coach’s demands, but sometimes you have small parts of second to make a decision on the field. In this case I act according to my experience and my feelings, because there’s no coach or player who can predict everything, every episode in the game. I try to do my best to be the most effective and useful for my team. We improve some skills and liaisons during the training sessions and after the trainings, so this is how our training process is created and made of. There are a lot of drills to improve technics, strength, speed, stamina; we pay a lot of attention to pass accuracy, because this is very important component of contemporary football. Before or after the training session I visit the gym or analyze the game to improve my skills and conditions.

BayernForum.com: This has arguably been your best season for FC Bayern so far, but you have not yet scored. Does this bother you?
Tymoshchuk: I don’t worry about the goals. My priority is the results of the team and the trophies at the end of the season. These are goals I care about. I don’t think that this is my bet season in Munich, I have played enough matches last seasons on top and I hope to celebrate my 100th match in FC Bayern till the end of this season. This season is good, we play on the top level, but I don’t think that this is the best.

BayernForum.com: Can you describe your best and your worst moment with FC Bayern until now?
Tymoshchuk: Red card in Augsburg – the worst moment of my career as FC Bayern player, my first goal vs Juventus in the Champions League is the best moment.

Tymo would have liked to play with these guys

Tymo would have liked to play with these guys

BayernForum.com: In which historical team would you have liked to play?
Tymoshchuk: This is like fantasy-football 🙂 So, if I’d make such choice I’d prefer Germany National team, 1990, World Cup.

BayernForum.com: You have recently been awarded as the best Ukranian player in history. It is truly a great honor, but some people expressed disbelief that Shevchenko didn’t win it. Do you feel you deserved this award?
Tymoshchuk: If anyone doesn’t believe in, they have to trust it. There are different people and different thoughts but there was voting (couple of months) all over Ukraine and people could vote for the player they like. If I am honored for this award, I deserve it. I am honored to represent Ukrainian football in Europe and I do my best for my national team every match, so why should I think otherwise?

BayernForum.com: What are the aims for Ukraine at Euro 2012?
Tymoshchuk: Maximal. We put our sights as high as possible. We play in our country and when you play at home, every time you try to play your best games.

BayernForum.com: A BayernForum.com user likes playing poker, as you do. He would like to play you in an online tournament. Do you take his challenge?
Tymoshchuk: If you ask me personally, I am ready 🙂 But I have to find spare time for it. I don’t know about the rest of the players.

We at BayernForum.com would like to thank Anatoliy for such a great interview! Until next time!

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  • quaazi says:

    Great stuff! Here’s hoping he’ll hang around München long enough for another one of these!

    • MUTU says:

      Seems like we will have to wait until the summer to know that, based on his comments 😉

  • Element says:

    Note : Tymoshchuk is one of the Greatest Ukrainian footballers ever

    also one of my FAV CDMs even before he joined Bayern

    BUT the best .. heck no


    • MUTU says:

      Perhaps Shevchenko reached a higher peak than Tymoshchuk, however Tymoshchuk has been consistent throughout his career, always playing at a high level.

  • The Spyware says:

    Awesome work 🙂

  • tflags says:

    Man that was an awesome post & interview!

  • MUTU says:

    We have some feedback from Clark Whitney, author of Bundesliga articles on goal.com:

    “Great interview, Mark – it’s well done, and a great example for the fan community. There are a lot of opinions thrown about on blogs and forums. But there’s nothing like going to the players, coaches, etc, for your information. Bravo!”

    Thanks Clark, and let’s keep it up guys! We shouldn’t aim to be the best Bayern resource in the world, but the best one from all other clubs!

  • eliasov says:

    Wow Great work ! 😀 , i really enjoyed reading 🙂

    • MUTU says:

      Share it guys please 🙂 Spread the word around! Twitter, Facebook, you know it…

  • FCBayernMunchen says:

    Great works Mark! :))

  • AvatarX says:

    Nice interview. I think it has many interesting / questions and answers 🙂

    P.S. This 1990 German NT would be my pick too 😀

  • armbrust says:

    It seems that my 2 questions made him laught. But i dont believe in that “spare time” excuse, lol.

    • MUTU says:

      What, so you’re not really going to challenge him after we stayed asking him?

  • AssemFCB says:

    Awesome! Truly the best Bayern site online!

  • KAHN says:

    Great interview! I like 1990 German NT as well. Hope he stay here for another year or two.

  • bayern4l says:

    This is really great, very good interview. Good work.

  • MilanFan says:

    Are they actually serious in awarding the best player in ukranian history??

    Cannot be serious……no way was he ever anywhere near Shevchenko, ridiculous

    Nice interview though

    • MUTU says:

      As I wrote earlier, maybe Shevchenko reached a higher level than Tymoshchuk did for a short period of his career, however Tymoshchuk has been consistent all throughout his career, always playing at a high level.

      • MilanFan says:

        Even shevchenko in chelsea > Tymoshchuk at any point in his career

        Bayern is the only real big club he played for

        Good player yes

        But Shevchenko was on top of the world for a good 5 years