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Adios, Toni Kroos!

Following the transfer of Toni Kroos, one of FC Bayern’s top young talents to Real Madrid, a competitor on the European stage, it is worth looking at some of the reasons for his sudden but not entirely unexpected transfer.

Kroos has been an integral part of FC Bayern’s dominance of domestic and World Football, and was a key member of the recent German World Cup win; however there have always been rumours of contract disputes and potential transfers away from Bayern.

It has been reported that Kroos had high wage demands that would put him at or near the top of earners at Bayern, that you may say is entirely within his right to request that if he believes that he is worth that. Certainly others believe that; as can be seen with his transfer to Real. 

Kroos is an esquisate passer of the ball, graceful in appearance and poise on the football field; with a range of vision and passing that far exceeds many of his peers. It is these qualities which made Kroos one of Pep Guardiola’s main stars of the 2013/14 season.

So why would FC Bayern not at least meet Kroos’ evaluation of himself, and why were they willing to lose a homegrown German talent to the Spanish giants, Real?

First, we need to look at what type of footballer Kroos is, his performances and future development needs; as this is what can differentiate him from others in a negative sense, and his future development requirements to close these weaknesses.

Kroos, is a methodical player. He weighs up his options in his mind, sometimes taking the ball in and playing the ball square and receiving it back before making that incisive play. It may be possibly that Bayern are looking to play a more offensive free-flowing football, where Kroos might not be as suited. Is this talent to play at pace something that he can learn or something which has to be inherent such as the likes Robben or Ribery?

Another area of development is his physicality. He is not a tough tackler and it is an area of the game he avoids. He is not a fighter in the mold of Schweinsteiger or Martinez, the fact is he has never needed to be one with players of the aforementioned playing alongside.

In truth, the reason for Kroos’ departure is as much business as a it is football. You can take some of these weaknesses and make a case that Bayern would not meet his expectations. Bayern do have other options to take his place such as Thiago, Hjobjerg or even Green. This isn’t even including possible replacements which can be bought with the proceeds from his transfer. Yes, the transfer proceeds and possible the main reason for the departure. Reportedly in the region of £20 million (€30million) for a player in the final year of his contract, this seems a savvy piece of business by Bayern.

FC Bayern will continue to grow as a club as it is one of the quirks of success; your players become coveted prizes. It is the responsibility of the club to ensure that there is robust youth development program and sustainable transfer policy in place, both of which appear to be the case, to ensure the continued success fo Bayern domestically and in the European game.

All we can do is wish Toni well for the future, as he follows the footsteps of other Bayern and German legends like Paul Breitner.

Adios, Toni!

Toni Kroos

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  • MUTU says:

    Beautiful, well written.

  • zuki46 says:

    Spot on. A well written piece for a great player. I expect you will do the same if he returns, he is my favourite player and its painful to see him go.

  • qlaus says:

    well done. GL, Kroos!!