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Arjen Robben

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Re: Arjen Robben

Postby Achilles » Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:34 am

Typical Robben, he is an internal joke among the players, remember the laugh they had when he subbed for Renato? Jerome Boateng implied in an interview that when Robben gets angry for that matters he is funny. To me Arjen has nothing to prove even at this age I rate him as a world class winger still and he is always hungry, Those comments are typical, he doesn't accept a sub-role but he doesn't bring unrest to the team so I'm cool.

To be honest he was the game changer yesterday and Heynckes might be tempted to bench one of Muller-James or sacrifice one of the DMs(Javi-Vidal) to make them all play.
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Re: Arjen Robben

Postby #12 » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:11 am

pyrasur wrote:Why are we acting like it’s a bad thing that Robben’s upset? Tbh on his recent history he wasn’t a guaranteed starter, he can’t really argue honestly that he deserved the spot more than anyone else. But what makes Robben a winner is that he gets fired up and pissed off about being benched, and instead of acting like a pussy he responds aggressively and tries to put in a performance that says “I deserve to start”.

He’s competing to be in the starting 11 in the top team in the world. If he doesn’t come to work thinking he’s a badass, he is not doing his job. I know there’s room for a little honesty in self assessment, but people scrapping at the top need that fire and even to lie to themselves a little bit.

Problem is not that he‘s upset, not at all! The problem is that he feels the urge and need to not just parade it out loud around town but to spit it in the first microphone headed in his direction like he was entitled to be a starter even though playing shit basically at least all of Rückrunde and after just wasting away a penalty the game before... Nothing wrong with being a professional and being ambitious! But this superiority complex is just ridiculous!
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Re: Arjen Robben

Postby YlonenXabi » Thu Feb 22, 2018 12:44 pm

I agree that's not the right thing to say. Mueller has done it couple of times in the past as well. As long as he keeps on performing and cuts the bullshit after the game I'm fine.

If he keeps moaning the following days then I would be worried.
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