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[2018-02-24] Bayern Munich vs Hertha BSC

Discussions on the German Bundesliga matches.

What is your prediction for this match?

Poll ended at Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:30 pm

Bayern Munich will win
It will end in a draw
Hertha BSC will win
Total votes : 4

Re: [2018-02-24] Bayern Munich vs Hertha BSC

Postby MUTU » Sun Feb 25, 2018 10:39 am

ramsej84 wrote:FCBvHBSC stats ... 4733613058
According to this JM had a bad game.
Or is vice versa?

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Don't even look into it. According to this Hertha played better and deserved to win. Truth is, if any team deserved to win it clearly was Bayern.
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Re: [2018-02-24] Bayern Munich vs Hertha BSC

Postby America USA » Sun Feb 25, 2018 2:31 pm

aterford wrote:
America USA wrote:
aterford wrote:Ribery has to go asap and I won't fret for one second if Vidal gets sold this summer too. For every decent game he plays he has a clunker like this one - comes in and kills off every ounce of momentum, every semblance of control in the midfield...the downgrade in quality of play is just staggering.
But I'm sure I'll hear people saying we should keep them around because they "Work hard" and "never stop running" and whatnot

To be fair to Vidal he is (almost) never great against teams that Park the bus. He is most effective when the opponent actually wants to play. Today Berlin had come for a 0-0 win and to their credit (luck) they got it.

The trouble is that the teams his game works against is growing narrower and narrower. Nine out of ten teams in the bundesliga we face are content to park the bus. So when we play crap BL teams he's ineffective. Then when we play good teams in the UCL he's behind the pace and just has to hack everyone and hope the referee allows for a physical game. If not, bummer.

I won't say 9/10 BL teams park the bus against Bayern. In fact except our last two BL games, in 2018 all of our opponents have tried to press us and take the game to Bayern. Vidal was terrific against Hoffenheim and Schalke because those teams were trying to play football unlike Schmidt and Dardai who were satisfied with a point and played like a PL team outside the top six.
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